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  1. I mean she will dump him anyways if he chose her and he become broke

  2. that’s true tho. “which is easier to replace”. if he felt like he can easily replace the business but cant stand the thought of not being with his fiance, then choose the fiance. if the he feels like he cares more about the business than the fiance, then maybe he’s not ready to be committed to that fiance. so might as well choose the business than deal with the heartbreak and fallout and regret later on.

  3. Easy, the business

    If a partner gives you any ultimatum about anything “it’s me or that” then they’re manipulating you. If they succeed once, they’ll do it again. Leave now while you still have the chance to. If you wait until you have children or share finances, it becomes significantly harder to leave and that’s when the abuse can become much darker

    You do have to sacrifice parts of your life to make a relationship work, and there are times where you will have serious discussions about it and come to the mutual conclusion that it won’t work. But saying “it’s me or the business” comes across as very manipulative and immature

  4. If anyone gives you an ultimatum that involves them leaving you the answer is always the same. Write when you get settled in your new home.

  5. If he chooses to chase her she will pressure him whenever she feels the urge. Her feelings will be his nemesis. She’s not supportive of him. She wants attention she doesn’t want to be a helpmate.
    If he sees a future in the business, the business. Even if it takes ten years choose the business. Choose your purpose. Women will chase you.

  6. If your partner doesn’t want to support the important things in your life, they are making a decision like this easier to make

  7. The fact that she gave the ultimatum means she was willing to replace him.

  8. No bullshit.
    Besides a wife won’t always feed you, a business will if you take care of it properly.

  9. Honestly it’s a good way to look at it. If you felt like you met someone that’s you’d be with the rest of your life and felt like you couldn’t replace her the. You choose her.

    Same goes the other way, if your business was on a clock or couldn’t done later due to volatility or being the first to innovate something, the company should come first.

    Obviously there’s more to it per person, but it’s an excellent starting point.

  10. What if the business has taken over their life and has left little to no relationship? Happens a lot.
    Granted they dont have to ditch the business but sometimes people need a wake up call

  11. You can’t replace family 💯 think about a better answer. Business is created by work. Family creates values. There are a lot of factors here. Dump the spouse that takes away but keep the values, the 2 will work themselves out.

  12. Wife: “Fishing or me, choose”
    Me: “we’ll I’ll miss you when I get home”

  13. @S Griffiths if you truly believe in the business and you love what you do then they should be able to work it out. That ultimatum is extremely manipulative because the two can coexist but you’re choosing to go to the extreme

  14. If my girl ever gave me thst ultimatum, I’d take the business.
    Her bringing that up, she’s not committed, means she’s willing to replace you already

  15. @S Griffiths I agree. Maybe they already talked about that issue and he isn’t willing or able to work less hours. People in the comments judge his fiancé to quickly.

  16. Yes they want attention and want you to spend money on them, but not spend time working! Money grows on trees ?

  17. If she wanted to replace him she just would have done so. She doesn’t like being second on the list and the business isn’t providing. Her goal was to manipulate him into doing what she wanted.

  18. Usually takes months to years to acquire a good business. Takes 1 min to message someone and ask em on a date😂

  19. @Anon ymous ahhhhh, I see the problem. You don’t know how to differentiate between too much free time being the issue, and not enough quality time being the issue. Thats why you gave the blanket statement of “get a hobby”, which is terrible advice in the case of not enough quality time. A hobby will fix a too much free time issue, but it will worsen a not enough quality time issue.

  20. This is actually good advice for anyone with a successful business.

  21. @Ricky A Only one person had a problem, meaning it was their issue. A solution would be to get a hobby and stop being clingy.
    Make a schedule and assign quality time after having a conversation about it. It’s not that hard.
    If one person wants to be your conjoined twin and the other wants to have some freedom and alone time then either find a compromise or break up.

    Also, you DON’T prioritize your hobbies, you prioritize your relationship.
    It’s not about time management because you are splitting your time, making them clash.
    You don’t take your hobbies seriously that much is clear. If you did you wouldn’t prioritize other things over that.
    Basic logic escapes you it seems.

    Dieting and hygiene don’t take time really. They are passive for the most part. THAT’S why it’s a bad comparison.
    Get a clue.

  22. @Anon ymous Who wants to be a conjoined twin? It seems you’re making these massive leaps in logic to fight a strawman you have unresolved issues with.

    Relationships take quality time, its a must have otherwise you’re in a friendship, and according to your values it isn’t even a good one. Its one where you just try to take from each other without consideration for the other person.

    “Also you don’t prioritize your hobbies” Says who? I’m enjoying my hobbies just fine, and thats the point of a hobby bud. My relationship is also going great. Again, its not my fault the ability to manage your time escapes you, maybe work on that?

    If you don’t think dieting or hygiene takes time, you don’t take either very seriously.

  23. I told my girlfriend that I don’t do ultimatums, and that she’s entirely replaceable. She completely gets it.

    My wife has a hard time understanding this though.

  24. The fact that she gave the ultimatium means the business was ruining their relationship. I have met so many guys who work 90+ hours every week and neglect all social contacts, including gfs and spouses. It‘s usually the ones that really love the guys that speak out an ultimatum, the others just go for the marry/divorce/cheating approach.

    The answer is not what is easier to replace, the answer is how much money do you really need to be happy. Do you want to stay in the relationship with less money and all the problems that go along with it or do you want to be rich and sacrifice everything for that.

  25. “Give up your dream or we’re over” you never cared that much in the first place then.

  26. When someone’s willing to replace you then you replace them first business over pleasure you can always replace pleasure

  27. She was a fiance , not a wife . Hope he made the right choice, and she’s not on his yacht or in his jet,

  28. @Keiton Cap. LOL. Facts. My man. Dude. I can’t even. Stinkin’ cute. Based. Fam. Truth right here. For the streets. They keep coming.

  29. No wife would ask a stupid question like that,,. However the woman is stupid 🤷

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  31. @Aboveinfu3nce what I want to know is what is someone supposed to do if the spouse won’t let them work when that’s the job they’re stuck at if the man is home too much then she has issues I have seen it too much it disgusts me

  32. @Yowieman94 i mean if you’re with a women who contradicts herself a lot and starts problems then idk why you’re staying with her outside of for kids

  33. Success comes at a big cost but it’s worth it if you are one of the few that endure it

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