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About Bob Pardue

About photographer Bob Pardue and Jean
Shot this photo while Jean and I relaxed on the beach at Lake Mead National Recreation Area Nevada, USA.

A big welcome to this motivational & (hopefully) inspirational site! It is brought to you by Bob Pardue.


Living in the Piedmont region of South Carolina USA, long time photographer and believer in motivation Bob Pardue works primarily on his photos, graphics and inspirational books nowadays.

Education & Experience:

Bob graduated from the University of South Carolina and the New York Institute of Photography. His hobbies include travel, singing, guitar, piano and a few other areas.

Bob Pardue has worked in portraiture, fashion modeling photography and other areas of photo work such as news events and editorials.

As a photographer Pardue’s work is currently represented by a leading photo stock agency and his work has been featured in numerous magazines & school textbooks, in advertising, on book covers and news media companies.

He has written several books (on Amazon) and most are geared toward helping people become happier and more positive in their thinking habits.


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Love God – Live life boldly – and enjoy the arts,

Bob Pardue