6 Ways to be Indispensable at Work | Brian Tracy

6 Ways to be Indispensable at Work | Brian Tracy

A little job security never hurts, especially during uncertain times, but remaining employed through tough times might seem like a daunting task. Give yourself the best chance possible to stay a permanent employee by following these 6 ways to be indispensable at work.

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0:00- Introduction
1:04- Prioritize continuous learning
2:39- Show leadership skills
3:37- Be a team player
4:30- Show your impact
5:31- Understand your industry
6:43- Go the extra mile
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32 thoughts on “6 Ways to be Indispensable at Work | Brian Tracy

  1. How will you make yourself indispensable at work? Comment below👇

  2. Thank you for this useful information . 2021 will be a big year for me financially and in terms of success.

  3. Do work that matters, not work that’s easy. …
    Monopolize a particular skill. …
    Be willing to go the extra mile. …
    Remember that your job is to make your supervisor’s job easier. …
    Master a language that’s not required of your position. …
    Be productive, but don’t make it a race. …
    Monopolize an important relationship

  4. The best investment is always the one in your skills. History has shown over and over again that success is all about human capital

  5. Thanks Mr. Tracy! Happy holidays! “There are never any traffic jams on the extra mile”

  6. Looking good Brian! Very pleased to see you well and creating new content. I’ve been thinking about this topic recently so great timing. You’ve been my #1 source of inspiration for developing myself since 2008 and will be referring to all your wisdom in my next three year transformation! 🙏🏼

  7. Muchas gracias Brian! Me has cambiado la vida con todos tus vídeos 👏

  8. Thank you Mr. Tracy, I’m so grateful for learning about to be indispensable!

  9. Making yourself indispensable at work is an important way to ensure job security and gain respect from both your coworkers and supervisor. It can also result in increased job satisfaction and help you attain your career goals. Being indispensable requires strong dedication, effort and work ethic.

  10. Bryan Tracy the first time I heard about you was through a friend when he play the seminar about the “7 mental laws” you being one of the best advisor I ever have and one day all this hard working and following your advices will Lil by lil get you there.

  11. Be indispensável

    1.Continuous Learning.
    2. Show Learddership skills
    3. Be A team player
    4. Show your impact
    5.Understand your industry
    6. Going the Extra mile.

  12. Agreed. I also think about a great attitude, good working relationships with colleagues, and be mindful on what you say at work.

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  14. Wonderful comment, I really appreciate a lot, correspond to my administrator on what..sa..pp to assist you make millions in BTC +1(….4…0…2)2..6..2-…4..9..1..7🇺🇸✅

  15. Thank you Brian Tracy, every word coming for you is so valuable! God bless you immensely!

  16. I am your fan, I love your books! So happy to see you’re doing well despite the challenge this year (based on the date of this video).

  17. Thanks Brian. I always come back to you for refocusing on the bedrock principles of success and personal fulfillment!

  18. “Make yourself valuable, very valuable, and then indispensable” – that is the key to success. Many thanks Sir!

  19. Great video ,your all videos help me a lot but am still practicing to speak out but it’s stuck but I will never give up 2021 is the biggest battle for me to speak out and I definitely do that

  20. By taking the job responsibility sincerely and having courage to try new ways. Thank you Sir.

  21. Always focus on your goals and be in time always. Thanks Brian, I fancy your teaching style.

  22. I just found you and your videos this morning before work. I normally don’t work on Saturdays but found out last night that they were working. I went in to learn new skills and had so much fun doing it. I love to learn new things and thought it was awesome to be able to implement parts of this video. Thank you, I am already watching other videos in your library. You are amazing!

  23. As a project manager I’ll start today with developing my leadership skills. First of all I am going to focus my intentions on communication skills

  24. Best piece of advice! To remain employeed, we have to keep sharpening our minds and have to deliver on our promises at work. Greatly appreciated Brian👍👍

  25. Going extra mile…

    What if the organization is not having policies to give appreciations and we don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel???

    For years, even after giving extra, if we are expected to continue so? Telling us that you are doing extra as your duty, need not to pay extra for it… This way how will an employee grow financially in the long term?

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