Models Without Makeup – Are You Ready for the Top 10 Victoria’s Secret Models Without a Stitch of Makeup? Video

Have you ever wondered what the beautiful VS models would look like with nothing on their faces? Well, here is a cool video showing the top 10 Victoria’s Secret models without makeup so you’ll know the real look behind the cosmetics.

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Have you ever gone out with no makeup on? Well, this is something most girls won’t do. I’ve known women whose husbands don’t even know what they really look like!

Does Makeup Make the Model?

I thought I’d share this video of models without makeup so at least you’ll know what supermodels like Adrianna Lima and Gisele Bundchen have when it comes to true beauty.

I hope you enjoyed this VS video and will leave your comments about your favorites. Do you prefer these famous female models with or without makeup in these pictures?


Original video here

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