Stock Photo Luxor Hotel & Casino Las Vegas NV

Stock Photo Luxor Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Nevada USA by Bob Pardue

Jean & I continuously travel to the western & southwestern United States. We visit Vegas often.

And, one of our favorite hotels to book remains the Luxor Hotel & Casino.

So, the last time we went on a stock photo assignment in Nevada, I thought I’d shoot this stock photo of the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Additionally, I want to share some of the main features of the Luxor.

When you read this, you might even become enticed enough to travel on over to the Southwestern USA to see for yourself!

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Stock Photo of Luxor Hotel & Casino Las Vegas NV

Caption: Stock Photo of Luxor Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Nevada USA

Description: The Luxor Hotel & Casino is one of the unusual lodging destinations located on the ever-changing south strip of Las Vegas Boulevard. But, it’s unique Egyptian pyramid design displays an unmistakable iconic image of what Vegas offers.

NOT Just the Luxor – Check Out All the South Strip of Las Vegas

The South Strip could be considered the expensive end.

Most of the hotels on this end are resorts and are more elaborate than the hotels at the other end of the strip or on Fremont Street.

These are hotels with huge towers and everything from shopping to spas to convention centers. Let’s take a look at the sights on the south end of the strip.

Four Seasons

The first hotel you will see when going north on the strip is the Four Seasons hotel. These people do everything in a big way from the entrance way to the cotton sheets on the beds.

There is also no clanging or ringing of a casino to overload your senses as you walk through the door.

For casino sounds that are quite abundant, follow the signs and go through the side door of the Four Seasons and you walk right into the Mandelay Bay’s casino and gaming tables.

As you walk a little further into the lobby, you discover a huge aquarium that advertises for the hotel’s Shark Reef Experience.

If you have an hour or two, go and see the wildlife ranging from crocodiles, piranha, sharks, jellyfish, and even some baby rays you can touch.

Luxor Hotel

The next hotel you come to will be the Luxor.

You can’t miss this one with the big pyramid and Sphinx sitting in front of it.

This hotel is decorated with Egyptian tones and has a unique lobby inside.

The rooms go up the outside of the pyramid and the elevator which is called an inclinator actually travels at a slant up the floors. Jean & I called this an adventure elevator as it is almost like an amusement park ride!

The Excalibur Las Vegas

Stock photos of Las Vegas Hotels

Excalibur is just one of the stock photos of Las Vegas hotels you can license. Click picture for details.

Right down the strip from the Luxor, you’ll find the Excalibur Hotel.

You can’t miss it because the architecture comes straight out of King Arthur days.

The lodging destination boasts a huge fairy tale castle complete with dragons and pageantry on the inside.

Make sure to enjoy the Tournament of Kings medieval style buffet complete with a jousting attraction.

This hotel has become a favorite place to stay in Las Vegas for the family.

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