good habits for everyone

Are You Ready To Learn How To Create Good Habits & Start Living A Better, More Motivated Life? I hope your day is going great! And, I pray that this post will make it even better. Over…


benefits of building confidence

Why Build Confidence? I’ve heard many people say; “If only I had more confidence…” – You can fill in the blank can’t you? In a world filled with technology and the best education system ever, you’d think…


positive emotions

Are you thinking positively today? Maybe you are on an emotional roller coaster right now and negativity is creeping in. Today I want to talk about the importance of positive emotions. And, we’ll discover together how they…


comfort zone

I’m sure you’ve heard tons about getting out of your comfort zone. Heck, I’ve talked to people about this hundreds of times.  And, once they became more comfortable about getting out of the zone, they went on…



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