My Wardrobe Giveaway Meme

Win a New Wardrobe! Bob Pardue $300. Wardrobe Giveaway Are you ready to WIN a New Wardrobe from AmazonCom? Check out this cool fashion giveaway here..

What to Wear Meme

What to Wear – Meme Shares How Not to Dress for Lunch with Friends If you plan to go out to lunch with the girls, read this what to wear meme first. “Don’t let your insecurity show by dressing to the nines.” ~ Bob…


Are you considering purchasing a new DSLR camera in the future? Are you overwhelmed with the many options on the market today? I would like to make things a little easier by sharing the Nikon D810 FX-Format digital SLR camera reviews with you. Do…


Best Natural Acne Treatment

Teens with acne now try more natural skin care remedies, do you? Teen models, male and female have problems with their skin. So what is the best natural acne treatment on the market today to apply for clear skin? The answer to this beauty…


Get Into Modeling

You’ve Probably Heard How Tough It Is to Get Into Modeling (Video) But there’s hope for you to take that plunge and get into modeling, even if you have no experience as a model. This modeling tip video will give you a simple, step…


summer dresses

Yep, the hot season is fast approaching and you need something to wear. Time to put away that little black dress and think cool. Here are some special tips about summer dresses for the fashion conscious woman or girl. Time to leave the long…


For all of you that are in need of a great digital camera, feel free to check out the basic Canon SX530 Powershot camera reviews! There are lots of features packed into this model that undoubtedly make it a worthy purchase. Across the board, it…


Local Modeling Advice Meme

Local Modeling Advice –  Meme Shares Success in Local Modeling Advice Success in Modeling? “Find some good advice from other models who are working locally.” ~ Bob Pardue

Real Long Eyelashes

It would have been nice if you were born with real long eyelashes, wouldn’t it? You know, the lashes you see on those beautiful fashion models walking the runway in Paris or Milan? Well, not all people become female models but it is possible…


Local Modeling Agencies

First of all, there is no real “secret” to modeling. It’s a combination of having a look, practice and putting a plan for success into action. That’s why getting listed with one of your local modeling agencies is so important. You are geared toward…


Lose Weight Fast Meme

Lose Weight Fast – Meme Shows Simple Weight Loss Tip Lose weight fast meme shares quote by modeling photographer Bob Pardue: “You will have an easier time losing weight by making exercising a good time.”

What Not to Wear

Through my many years as a fashion model photographer, I’m happy to say I’ve seen it all. I’ve especially noticed the worst case scenario of what not to wear for modeling portfolios. This goes for street clothes as well. Some models came into the…


Model Photography Types

If you have been dabbling in any photography studies, you know there are many different model photography types to choose. And yes, you can mix & match to some extent depending upon the modeling photography genre you choose. There are basically 3 types of…


slim down fast

To look more beautiful and self confident as a model, you need to shape up. This variety of fitness tips will help you slim down fast if you pick a sensible program and stick to it. Quick weight loss is always a big challenge…