So, What’s the Difference Between Editorial vs Commercial Modeling?

Direct from the modeling advice section for newbies: Are you looking to get started in modeling but not sure which type to go for? Many have asked;

“What’s the difference between editorial vs commercial modeling?”

And, this question comes with good reason. So, today I’ll explain the difference between editorial modeling and commercial work.

The modeling part is not all that different. These two model types actually belong to different types of purchasers, not different types of models.

editorial vs commercial modeling

editorial vs commercial modeling

The Modeling Industry Terms for Editorial vs Commercial

In our industry, the terms have interchanged for years. So, agents referred to models as more commercial-grade or more editorial.

The confusing part is that you think you’re only one model type. With that said, I hope you’re not totally confused. Keep reading…

As a model, you will really must take all this with a grain of salt. This is because the type is mostly someone else’s vision of you. They categorize you.

Commercial Modeling

The real term in the industry is commercial-grade modeling. For instance, if you model for name brand products like…

  • Mountain Dew
  • Chick-fil-a
  • a department store like Macy’s
  • or something common

– then you’re working in commercial modeling.

Wiki explains commercial modeling as:

Commercial print models generally appear in print ads for non-fashion products, and in TV commercials. These women can earn up to $250 an hour. And, they are usually non-exclusive, and primarily work in one location.

There are several large fashion agencies that have commercial print divisions, including Ford Models in the United States.”

These companies & agents normally look for the girl next door who can represent them in a wholesome way. She could be any girl you know.

editorial vs commercial modeling

editorial vs commercial modeling

Editorial Modeling

On the other hand, editorial modeling relates many times to a fad.

That model is the girl who displays the right face and figure characteristic to the story. Many times, she sells night shirts or maybe beauty products.

This outlines one of the main differences between editorial vs commercial modeling in simpler words.

Editorial is the term that naturally refers to written words in a magazine or newspaper, etc. When you shoot for that magazine, you get what’s called a tear-sheet for your portfolio.

That’s editorial. So, editorial pictures are usually the most beautiful illustrations inside a magazine.

Editorial is what develops your unique look. That’s what everybody wants to see. For fashion models in editorial, it goes hand in hand. That’s exactly what editorial modeling is.

Commercial & Editorial Posing

Another difference in editorial vs commercial modeling has to do with posing techniques.

Yes, commercial posing is slightly different. The terms are very interchangeable when you’re identifying a person. You could be a cheerleader.

Or, you could portray a hero in history advertising a product or service. Those expressions define a commercial kind of girl.

Editorial, on the other hand, gives a feel that’s distinctively different. This model doesn’t look like the average person.

So, if you have a distinct look, one which could grace the cover of Cosmopolitan, then you might consider editorial modeling.

For product representation, commercial models shine. It’s up to you (and the model agencies) to decide where you belong.

You might find that you’re a little of both! – Bob

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editorial vs commercial modeling

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