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Do You Have the Right Attitude for Modeling?

Even though you might feel you have all the bases covered; you are beautiful, you are tall, you have perfect skin and teeth – but is your attitude for modeling holding you back?

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In society today, the attitude of many people seems to be unpleasant and I often wonder if this is going to become even more prevalent in the future.

Do people not realize that their attitude can have a big effect on their future?

Let’s find out. Read more …

Do You Act Like a Professional?

As a professional photographer, I have seen it often.

I have worked with young male, and female beginners, some beautiful and some with a definite tall & slender fashion look or some with body measurements to fit the requirements for glamour, commercial or runway but many do not have the attitude for modeling.

Models Connect puts it bluntly saying;

attitude can be broken down into three easy pieces: patience, discipline and self-confidence.

Do you have these three qualities?

The models I mentioned above have studied in the art of getting started, learned posing techniques, and, in fact, are wonderfully endowed with all the right measurements and height but possible will never grace the runway or magazine cover because of one thing

— The Proper Attitude!!

What is the Mind Set of a Model?

There are certain attributes you must have in order to become a model no matter how pretty or handsome, no matter if you are a teenager or adult, interested in commercial or fashion work. Here are a few suggestions and questions to ask in getting started ….

There is more to this business than stepping in front of the camera and posing for professional fashion or glamour photographers. Your attitude plays a huge part in failure or success no matter if you are contacting local agents or the big guys like Trump.

How Do I Act Like a Professional Model?

Most teens who are interested in posing for photographers for the fun of it have no clue about the business end of entertainment.

They don’t realize talent scouts and photography companies are very intolerant when approached by an amateur who shows up late, dresses in the wrong way or even wears heavy makeup to the open call interview. In other words, they are not acting like professionals so they most likely will never be one.

This not the habit you want to get involved with. All these things are important in your career and are covered in the lessons for modeling in my mini-course.

If I Get Turned Down by Modeling Agencies Should I Give Up?

Let’s face some facts … Ford, IMG and Elite Agencies are many times going to turn you down when you apply. Now, I am certainly not implying that you shouldn’t try – on the contrary.

I’m just stating that some of the biggest supermodels in the business ( like Tyra banks for instance) were turned down before they became successful stars. But, they all had something called persistence – which paid off in the long run.

So, you need to not accept failure as failure but only as a way to improve your craft, learn what they want, and try again. How long should you keep trying? As long as it takes!

Do you have good work habits?

One more tip is the way you plan your day – or the lack of it. Professionals have a routine and are always striving to be better at the craft.

You should be too! Practice your poses and expressions daily but also promote yourself with consistency. A more steady stream of jobs comes to those who work at it. Develop a plan of action and stick with it.

Is My Attitude in Modeling Affected by My Interests?

Taking the first step to finding a career demands that you take a good look at yourself.

Two points: What is your area of interest? You might be interested in walking the catwalk, become one of those women posing in swimsuits or maybe you just want to do commercial or promotional work like you see at trade shows or even car races.

And, some are “easier” to step into than others but all still take a good attitude in order to make progress.

Do I Have to Be Tall to Model?

Once you determine your interest area, make sure you know the requirements for each area (i.e. runway has to be tall – period!, promotional needs to be attractive and just about able to sell.

To work in the commercial field the person needs to be great at body language and facial expressions, etc.).

If your measurements or abilities are not suited for one certain type, change gears and find your second choice in your profession.

Which path will You choose?

Keep in mind that the kind of attitude you have can either make your dream of becoming a professional model.or destroy your dream of a lifetime.

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Does My Modeling Attitude Really Mean That Much?

Yes, it can make a difference! Before jumping in, go back through these steps, examine your attitude for modeling, and do the basics in repetition.

“Success does not come to those who just stroll along through life but to those with the right frame of mind – along with some good, hard work!” – Bob Pardue

See you next time!

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