If you feel you have the allure of models like Tiiu, of Cover Girl fame, then Major Model Management needs to be on your list of NYC modeling agencies to contact.

Major talent agency of New York City is no small-time operation and you may do well to hook your horse to their wagon.

Want to Reach the Top? Try Major Model Management!

At the time of this writing, the international model agency presented a couple of great new faces such as Ali Walsh, Allison Lancaster, Chantal Kammermann and Aline Dahse to name a few.

So, signing with them could really boost your modeling career.

Top Modeling Agencies in NYC – Major Model Management

Requirements for Major Model Management


Major Model Management

381 Park Avenue South

Suite 1501

New York, NY 10016

ph: 212.685.1200

fx: 212.683.5200



Age & Height Requirements for Major:

Age – 13 to 21

Height – 5’9 or taller

Success as a Model? Get with the Best Modeling Agencies in NYC Such as Major

In the modeling business, there is no substitute for experience and competence. This is where top modeling agencies like Major Model Management come into play.

The well-known site, talks about Major with affection. In one of their recent articles about agents, they stated:

“Major’s philosophy is to offer its models a solid plan of management. From development to placement in the worldwide market and aggressive promotion to a broad client base, the models are ensured personal attention not found in the larger agencies.

Major succeeds on all levels of a model’s career. They range from high-end editorial and advertising campaigns to catalogs. And they work the increasing e-commerce business.

If you are seeking an agency that puts passion and ethics first – combined with a loyal family atmosphere, Major Models is the place for you.”

How Did Major Model Management Get Started?

The talent agency was founded in the year 1999. Its leader is Katia M. Sherman for Major Models New York. She has brought the company along as now one of the most prestigious and top modeling agencies in the entire world.

It boasts of seasoned agents, and has creative people who will most certainly lead the model agency to success in the future, making it a perfect contact for new faces and seasoned models alike.

What’s my opinion of Major Model Management and the guys & girls they represent? Humbly, I believe these are some of the most beautiful models on the face of the earth.

They are represented by one of the best modeling agencies I’ve ever seen.

So, why not make contact with the prestigious Major Model Management and see if you can make the cut to become one of their female supermodels?

The  contact and requirements for Major are listed above so make the call. You’ll never know until you try. Good luck and hope you lots of success in modelling! – Bob Pardue

Naomi Campbell - Female Supermodel

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