Hurricane Camille Memorial Fine Art Photo

Hurricane Camille Memorial Fine Art Photo

Even though the church was destroyed, the Hurricane Camille Memorial reminds us of the power of Mother Nature. Those who lived through these terrible storms will never forget.

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Biloxi Mississippi – Experience the Beauty of This Hurricane Camille Memorial Through a Fine Art Photo

I’m really happy Jean & I took a side trip away from our scheduled photography assignment to see this Hurricane Camille Memorial on the Gulf Coast before Katrina. Now, it’s all gone!

The beautiful Church of the Redeemer was located across the road from the beach in Biloxi, Mississippi. Then, Hurricane Katrina came through and just wiped it away.

But, at least we have our memories and this picture to remember the Camille Memorial.

Hurricane Camille – 1969

According to records, Hurricane Camille was the second most destructive hurricane on record in the United States. The records also show this was a category 5 storm – the most destructive in deaths and property. Wikipedia says:

“Camille caused tremendous damage in its wake, and produced a peak official storm surge of 24 feet.

The hurricane flattened nearly everything along the coast of the US state of Mississippi. And, it caused additional flooding and deaths inland while crossing the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia.

Finally, Camille caused $1.42 billion in damages (equivalent to $9.9 billion in today’s dollars).”

Hurricane Camille Memorial Fine Art PhotoOver 250 people lost their lives due to the storm.

I captured this photo (and several others) while pondering the awesome power of one hurricane. Little did I know the little church and memorial was about to experience another…

Unfortunately, the church is no longer standing because of Hurricane Katrina but the memory lives on.

The Beauty of Biloxi

The beach area around Biloxi, Mississippi is inspiring, to say the least.

The serenity of the grounds makes it difficult to imagine such a disaster in ’69.

So, we stayed for a while, shot several photos and went on our way back to South Carolina.

The famous site will stay with us as long as we have these few precious images. – Bob

About the Fine Art Photo

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