passion for modeling

Okay, you’ve found your calling in this crazy, mixed up world. You have a passion for modeling but have no idea how or where to pursue your dream.

Before I began this article on passion, I looked up the definition for “passion” over at It says;

Passion is “a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.

passion for modeling

passion for modeling

Is this you? If so, read what you need to do to for enough motivation to follow your passion, no matter if it’s learning how to become a model – or some other exciting career!

Are You in a Rut? Follow Your Passion for Modeling

Imagine having to clock in everyday to a job you hate. The work is mundane, you drive a long ways to get there, and your boss is a creep.

Let me ask you, would you enjoy waking up every morning? When you have a passion for the work, you do enjoy it.

With that said, we all have to make money to survive. But, we also deserve to feel fulfilled after completing a hard days work.

Sure, we receive a paycheck at the end of the week. But, does that really make up for all of the unhappy moments? Like me, you most likely answered no!

Where Do You Look to Find Your Modeling Career?

With a little research, you’ll discover tons of ways to get started in model jobs (this website is one of them).

Many blogs, books and articles are dedicated towards helping people find their passions. In fact, the self-help community is worth billions of dollars.

This statistic alone proves that people all over the globe are searching for a life of purpose.

Women who are unhappy in their jobs are especially susceptible to soaking in as much information as they can on how they can improve their lives. They want to work as models, or other public performance jobs such as acting.

How Do You Live a Fulfilled Life?

In order to really live a life of fulfillment and walk in your true calling, you must follow your passion.

Although this sounds like a far-away idea, it’s actually quite attainable.

Here are some basics you need…

  • a willing attitude
  • a bit of determination
  • and a positive spirit.

These attributes, along with consistent hard work will help you live a life of passion. But, does this guarantee success as a model? Will you become a famous celebrity?

I can’t answer these questions. Many great models failed more than once. But, they kept after their dream. Famous actress Mary Tyler Moore (Dick Van Dyke Show) once said:

“Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.”

Now, let’s consider how.

Exactly What IS Your Passion? 3 Questions to Answer..

Do you know what your passion is? If you want to start living a more fulfilled life, you must identify what drives you.

Ask yourself these three simple questions:

  1. Is there an activity that gives you excitement?
  2. Do you find yourself daydreaming about a particular field of interest (i.e. modeling)?
  3. And, what motivates you to get up in the morning?

The underlying answers to these 3 questions will help you determine what your passion truly is.

Once you uncover that, you’ll begin the necessary steps towards achieving it.

The “How to” of a Modeling Passion

By reading this, I’m sure your passion is to become a model. But wait! Before you blindly send emails to modeling agencies, learn your craft.

Study from the greats like Cindy Crawford or Tyra. Then, imitate their actions. Read and soak up as much information as you can about the modeling or fashion industry.

NOTE: Don’t put too much faith in the model reality shows. You’re much better off learning real poses, tips to prepare you for your career, etc.

This helps you improve your skills and train you to the be the best. Then, you’re more likely to find modeling gigs, or maybe even start a business revolving around your passion for fashion.

Remember, you can dream all you want (Yes, I believe you need dreams). But, it takes practice and hard work to turn a model dream into a reality.

In fact, I wrote a blog post not long ago about goals for models, and how to reach them. You can read it here.

What To Do Next?

After you’ve determined your passion and gathered enough information about modeling, now it’s time to put your hard work to the test.

Take all the steps necessary towards changing your current position and landing that dream job in the modelling business.

Get with Other Models & Do “TF” Work

Take up an internship or shadowing job. Many models I know started out taking on TF (time for print/cd) jobs with local model photographers.

This gave them some insight into the industry. And, modeling in front of the camera gave them the experience they needed to move on to better things.

Change Your Resume’ and Apply to Agencies

Once you “get your feet wet” in modeling, change your resume to reflect your new venture.

Then, begin applying for the modeling jobs that get you one step closer to your passion.

When you put in the necessary work, get out of your comfort zone and really try to find your place. This helps you to lay the foundation for your future career.

Why Do People Follow Their Passions?

First, following your passions makes you a happier and more fulfilled person.

Although we’ve focused mostly on a modeling role, developing your passion doesn’t have to be within a job.

If your passion is to be a better model, or a better person, then follow those dreams – even if they’re just for your own personal development.

One of the best pieces of advice one could hear is to do everything with passion. From the smallest gesture to the biggest action, acting with passion will make you stand out from the modeling crowd.

And, when you work toward passions, you’ll live a happier, more fulfilled life.

Finally, Take That Leap of Faith!

I covered most of the points to help you follow your passion for modeling. Now, it’s your turn. Do something! Remember, no emotion becomes reality until you take action.

Follow small steps toward your modeling career each day. Then, move on to the next goal. Before you know it, you reach new heights like you never imagined! – Bob

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