face mappingIt seems that, in this world of technology, nothing gets ignored. Now, when we think there is nothing new under the sun face mapping makes it’s appearance.

By: Marketing, written by Adriana Coppola

This is not science fiction folks! It’s real and it’s being embraced by the beauty & cosmetics industry as we speak.

Let’s see what Adriana Coppola of Marketing has to say about face mapping:


First, Comes the Trial of Face Mapping

“Facemapping is a technology system that can chart the many different contours of the face and use that data in conjunction with designs or animations to accurately map them onto the face for a hyper-real illusion. Beauty brands like Max Factor have wanted to use this for years, but the technology is only just starting to reach maturity.

Last year, L’Oreal launched the revolutionary beauty tool, Makeup Genius that transforms smartphones into an interactive mirror. It’s an augmented reality product catalogue that lets people try on different products in real time, eradicating the need for physical interaction with beauty products.”

Next: The Discovery Factor of Beauty

“For the beauty industry this technology could signify the end of self-service in retail – where shoppers walk into a store and are faced with walls and walls of products but little guidance or assistance.

Sophisticated AR has opened up the possibility to create service and discovery around products both on and offline, which will have huge implications for the industry.

Predictive technology will take the idea of service and discovery even further. It will be able to analyze our skin tone, type and texture, eye shape, hair type, and our preferences pulled in from Instagram and Facebook.”

And Finally Adriana Writes about Mass Customization of Cosmetic Purchases

“There is a growing demand for cosmetics more bespoke to consumers’ needs. This is currently met with products such as the new Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, which provide consumers with pure pigment to mix with other products to create their own bespoke base.

Eyeko has also produced a ‘bespoke mascara’ which offers 23 different wand types. This is certainly something that technology will address in the future.

Last year Grace Choi took TechCrunch Disrupt by storm with the Mink printer, founded on the insight that consumers need to turn to high-end brands to get the best color selection.

The printer lets users choose any color on the web or reality and, using simple pre-existing software, print that color into a blush, eye shadow, lip gloss or any other type of makeup. Choi is currently working on her prototype which could take up to five years to perfect.” read more ..

There’s more to this beauty story and I’m sure you’ve probably heard some of it on social media places like Facebook or Twitter. And don’t forget the Live Instagram count used as one of the main social media for pictures in the world.

How Do You Feel about Face Mapping?

Do you feel face mapping might present an identity problem or do you just like the fact you will be able to buy beauty products for your personal style online?

There are always fine lines between privacy and convenience. Just my two cents worth. Let me hear your comments below. – Bob Pardue

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