When Models Fall

View Slips on Hazardous Catwalks and Models Falling Down – LOL (Video)

On a 45 meter hazardous runway, models falling down is not that uncommon. Not to mention the girls in this popular video wearing sky high stiletto heels on an extremely slippery surface.

How would you like that job? Watch the Video and Enjoy (They Didn’t)

Ever Slipped and Fell on the Catwalk? These Girls Did!

Naomi Campbell & Jessica Stam? No!

Why do the runway models have to wear such stupid shoes anyway?

Some commented that they could not feel bad for these “anorexic models“. But, most likely this came from envy. Put that together with slippery hazardous runways and you’ve got a formula for disaster as you’ll see in the video.

Jessica Earns Her Place in the Bloopers Video

One of the best models falling down on the video was at around the two minute mark when famous female supermodel Jessica Stam took a nose dive and landed flat on her face.

At least, she got up smiling, and just a bit embarrassed, but did not look hurt.

Catwalk Slips - When Models Fall


Yes, even the most well-known female super-model sometimes will trip and cause a blooper which goes viral.

The people who work in fashion modeling jobs in the network don’t always think it’s so humorous.

But, you’ll find plenty of people on YouTube and other sites who just want to watch something funny.

Some of the girls you might recognize who took a spill on the runway include…

  • Jessica Stam
  • Naomi Campbell
  • Miss Universe
  • Various Victoria Secret Models

But, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty more falls, slips and trips with plenty of female models falling down besides these to keep you entertained.

From Beautiful to Scary

The funny and tense video shows how there is a thin line between glamour and humility, even though some models can make the fall look cute!

Whether funny or just humiliating, these female models have to pick up the pieces, gain their composure, walk off the runway, and do it all over again.

Rinse and Repeat

Sometimes, the girls must take that risk of falling 5 or 6 times a day on those slippery and dangerous ramps, with very little rest the night before.

So, take your video camera to the next high fashion show and you might capture one of these fleeting moments!

Hope You Love it! Learn From This Slippery Runway Video

Many models use the mistakes of others to increase their knowledge and to avoid the hazards. They watch popular videos like this one to enhance their skills on the catwalk. You can too! Check out my other videos to see if your modeling gets better.

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A Quick Lesson for You about the Runway

Remember, these girls practiced a bunch! But, they still fell on the runway.

So, make sure and rehearse your walk until you feel confident.

And, if you fall down, Get up and try again.

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Good luck with your female modeling career – and stay vertical!

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