What GEAR do you NEED to start LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY? (just 5 things)

Beginner Photography

Question: What gear do you need to start Landscape Photography?

If you wanted to be an auto mechanic, you’d need the best tools you could afford, wouldn’t you? Well, the same is true for landscape photography (or any other type).

Maybe you don’t want to become a professional photographer. Maybe, you just want to create beautiful landscape pictures to share with friends or family.

Either way, this photography tutorial will help you at least get some of the right equipment you’ll need.

About the landscape photography gear guide..

Let’s talk about gear! What are the 5 main things that you will need to start Landscape Photography?

In this video, I will give you my recommendations to make smart decisions about your beginning landscape photography journey right from the start!

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My camera –
My Camera Bag –
My main tripod –
And the Ball Head –
My Landscape Filter kit –
Filter Pouch –

Panasonic G85 –
Sony ZV-1 –
GoPro HERO 6 –
Mavic Pro –
Panasonic 12-60mm –
Panasonic Lumix 25mm f1.7 –
SmallHD Focus –
PolarPro Variable ND –
Tiffen filter –
Rode Wireless GO –
Rode Video Micro –
Lav Mic –

Monitor –
MacBookPro –
Big Hard disk –
Samsung T5 –
Lacie Rugged HD –

The rest of My GEAR is all here! –

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Watch this and other landscape photography tips and tricks to help you take better pictures.

34 thoughts on “What GEAR do you NEED to start LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY? (just 5 things)

  1. Thanks Attilio, my aim this year is to acquire my first full-frame camera and filter system, but it will also require some new lenses. The Canon crop-sensor lenses are not much use on full frame, even with an adaptor, because you end up only exposing part of the frame. One other thing I would add, no matter what type of photography you do, you can be on your feet all day, so good shoes are essential.

  2. Great info-I wish I could of had these suggestions a few years ago-keep up the super info videos ! ! ! !

  3. All great suggestions and great video as always. Love the closing shots from Pt. Reyes too, fantastic.

  4. I would also add a sixth item to the list: patience. I fully agree!

  5. Thanks for simplifying the list required and proving that you don’t need to keep buying the latest greatest equipment to get breathtaking images

  6. #5a: Devise and implement a backup strategy for your images and Lighroom catalog.

  7. Very great vídeo. You are fantastic 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  8. For those of you new to Attilios channel I just want to say that aside from the great information he provides you he also reads your comments. In my opinion, this is a big deal. I have learned so many things from him.

  9. Thank you! Still saving up for a good lens and tripod. ☺️ 💯

  10. Hi Attilio, my husband and I follow you and love your work. Our nephew is a landscape photographer in Australia (we are in New Zealand). I know he follows you religiously and is a huge fan. Check out his great waterfall photography in the rainforest – Jeremy Payne Australian Landscape Photography Adventure. – Oh and please come back to NZ soon! Cheers Pam.

  11. If thats a giant roll of film on your shelf then I’d hate to have to carry the camera.

  12. Great advice Attilio I actually upgraded my d5600 to a d810 and the difference is massive, I do miss the swivel screen though! The 6th thing I would say you need is drive, drive to get up to catch that early sunrise in summer, drive to go out in the miserable weather in winter!

  13. You forgot a very important piece of gear: an alarm clock so you can get up in time to shoot morning blue or golden hour.

  14. I didn’t know you have a drone. I just bought a DJI Mini 2 nice to do something different sometimes I get bored shooting pictures.

  15. My 6th item is a leveling base. I got one last year and it made my life so much easier, it especially when shooting panos in uneven ground. Before I had to make sure all legs of the tripod were level before starting shooting. It was such a pain to do all that and if you changed location you’d have to do that all over again wasting precious time and light. Now everything is good and photography is a joyful process.

  16. Thank you for your valuable tips. They have improved my photography greatly. In a week I will be travelling to the Australian Outback and your tips will enhance the photos I will take I am certain.

  17. Absolutely a must see, sage wisdom video for anyone looking to get into landscape photography!

  18. Good goretex boots and technical outdoor clothing.
    Nothing will have you turning around and running back to the carpark here in New Zealand like unsuitable cotton t-shirts, wet denim jeans, and soggy tennis shoes when the weather turns on a dime.
    There’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable gear.

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