Do you want to become a well-known Hollywood actor or actress? If so, the key is to have great auditions. Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done, as this is where many hopefuls make mistakes. Before making cast calls and auditioning for acting jobs see the tips below so you’ll be better prepared to get the part.

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Get The Part – Avoid These Mistakes when Auditioning for Acting Jobs

When trying out for a new part you want to make sure everything goes perfectly but how can you be sure? Read this on how to avoid these audition mistakes.

Don’t Over Act

auditioning for acting jobsOne of the most common acting audition mistakes that people make is overdoing it. Yes, you want to prove that you can act, but do not go overboard. If a part calls for you to cry, do it. But, keep the scene in mind.

If you are supposed to act hysterical, such as with the loss of a family member, let the tears flow. However, if only a tear or two is required, do not let the flood gates open too much.

Casting agencies and directors look for someone who can authentically play a part.

This is a person who makes it difficult to determine if they are experiencing a real life event or simply just acting.

Be Authentic In Your Acting Audition

Authenticity leads to the next mistake you want to avoid. That mistake is trying to be someone you are not. Are you a person who typically greets everyone when you walk into a room? If so, continue to do so.

Say a quick hello. This gives a small moment for your true personality to shine through. Too many hopeful Hollywood actors and actresses make the mistake of jumping right into discussing a character, especially their personal take on that character.

This is nice, but what if the casting crew had something different in mind? It is best to be yourself, audition, and move on.

The Audition Mistake Of Trying Out For Parts Not Suited For You

Next, it is important to not audition for roles you know, without a doubt, are not right for you.

Whether you hear about an open casting call yourself or if your agent provides you with a list, target those that you have something to bring to the part.

For example, if an actual war veteran is sought, do not show up for the audition if you have no military training whatsoever. Detailed casting calls are sent out for a reason, because they are looking for something and someone in particular.

No Need To Waste Your Time Or The Time Of The Casting Director

Only appear for auditions or open casting calls that you qualify for.

If You Make An Acting Mistake – Move On!

Mistakes are a part of life. Outtakes and bloopers can be found on the special features of most DVDs, even for the most popular movies and television shows. What does this prove? It proves that everyone makes mistakes.

If you make a mistake in your audition, do not get too hung up on it. If it is small, simply just move on and finish reading the rest of the material provided to you. One of the worst things you can do is stop and say “I can’t believe I did that, can I have another try?”

Discreetly recovering from an audition mistake can actually improve your chances of getting a part.

At Your Audition Choose Your Monologue Carefully

Auditions come in a number of different formats. Typically, you will be provided with lines to read if auditioning for a movie or television show. However, if you want to break into acting by way of plays, you may be able to recite your own monologue. It is important to make your choice wisely.

Choose one that will let you to showcase your talents, but avoid overused monologues.

Don’t Ask The Director For A Second Audition

Another common acting audition mistake you want to avoid is asking to come back for a second audition. Were you not pleased with your performance? If so, the time to ask for a redo is right then and there.

Do not call or have your agent call asking for a second try. Many casting directors and agencies state this is nothing more than a waste of time for everyone involved. Not only that, it will create a bad impression of yourself. So, if you have a poor audition, start improving not begging for a second chance.

The above mentioned Hollywood job audition mistakes are just a few of the many that are made every day, but these are the ones that can harm you the most. Remember, auditioning for acting jobs audition for a movie or TV show is just like any other traditional job interview. By preparing and displaying confidence, you have a better chance to see success.

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