Do you dream of becoming a model, walking the runway or gracing the covers of top fashion magazines? Hi, I’m Bob Pardue, a professional model photographer and I want to teach you how to become a model and other information about getting into the modeling profession.

Maybe you have been told before that you’d make a good model or perhaps people have been telling you all your life what a pretty face you have. Now, you’re wondering how exactly does one learn how to become a model?

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Have you got what it takes to become a model? If you feel that you have all the looks, the right attitude, the presence in front of the camera you need, then by all means take the time to learn how to become a model and get an exciting career going!

The video shows a few pieces of advice for beginning in the commercial or fashion modeling network so start watching now!

how to become a model

To begin your career in this business, you first need to decide what aspect of the industry you would most like to pursue. Read more ..


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