Learn the “Inside” Secret to How to Become a Model – Quick Modeling Tips to Start Your Career!

How to become a modelAre You Ready to Get Started in Modeling?

Most girls want to be famous or maybe just learn how to become a model and get jobs with local agencies.

Modeling is a dream many girls (and women) have, some in the back of their mind and some are more determined in learning to be models so I put together these tips for people about getting started in the modeling business – and yes, it IS a business.

Are you wanting to get into the modeling network?

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Have people been telling you that you should be a fashion model? Do you feel you have everything it takes to become one?

Are you looking for excitement and fantasy or do you just want to learn some new modeling tips so you can walk the runway like Abby Lee Kershaw or the gorgeous Karlie Kloss?

New Modeling Tips for Women

How to become a modelWell, men can use these too with a few changes. Let’s get started! The tips you’ll find here to be a model will help you on your way to getting started in runway, fashion or commercial modeling if you have the look.

There are lots of reasons girls want to go into modeling as their career and I’m sure you have yours.

My site is not to judge you or to tell you what to do as far as your career in fashion or entertainment is concerned.

“Why Do All Those Models Listen to Tips By Bob Pardue?”

“.. Because He is a Professional South Carolina Model Portfolio Photographer Who Gives Secret Beginner Tips about Becoming a Model”

Hi, My name is Bob Pardue and I teach girls and guys just like you how to start a modeling career from the beginner level to experienced.

I am a professional model portfolio photographer in SC and I want to share some of these quick modeling tips and other advice I’ve learned over my many years photographing new female models so, get ready to learn what you need to know and jump-start your career in the exciting entertainment industry!

“How Can I Be a Model?”

What I want to do here is to arm you with some of the best modeling tips and even a  list of modeling agencies to help you get started in this network.

I hope you will read all the material and set honest goals for yourself to go for your dream, and your career in modeling.

Learn What It Really Takes to Start Out

How to become a modelYes, You Look Amazing – But It Takes More Than Beauty!

I know it’s not always an easy task when starting out a new life in beginner modeling but, don’t just think of the the work (there’s plenty of it), imagine the fun and excitement of getting started with one of these career choices and following your dream!I once heard someone say …

In life; Find something you really love to do. Then, figure out a way to get paid for doing it, and you’ll never “work” a day in your life!

“If becoming a model makes you warm and fuzzy inside, then you should go after it with all your heart and soul.” – Bob Pardue

What a wonderful attitude to have!

Now, am I saying you’ll be a famous runway model like Abby Lee Kershaw or Tyra? Will you get listed by the amazing modeling agencies such as Ford Models or Elite? Possibly but you’d better have unbelievable qualities.

No, not every woman or man who goes into this industry makes it onto the cover of Vogue but many are working at something they really love – maybe just on a local level.

This is more realistic for most male and female models but you have to decide where you belong – and I’ll help with tips to increase your chances of making it happen!

This is your first step to learning about the entertainment industry so start off right and make it happen. I’ll help with tips for new models on this website but I can only suggest so much – the rest is up to you!

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Best of success in becoming a model – I hope the advice here will help you get started!

- Bob Pardue