22 thoughts on “Zig Ziglar Why is Your Faith So Important?

  1. Our printed money says . . . “IN GOD WE TRUST”. In this day and age I am surprised it even says that anymore. What a shame. Our founding fathers would be disgusted with our society if they were here today.

  2. Its truly amazing that you ve given life CHRIST who is the source of Wisdom and Inspiration .The Bible says HE CAME TO LIFE AND LIFE IN ABUNDance ( FULLNESS IN CHRIST)

  3. Awesome! I am a big fan of Zig. Do you know where I can get a copy of his testimony that aired on TBN? thanks

  4. The disciples asked Jesus to teach them how to make their faith grow and taught them about the mustard seed, mulberry tree and mountain.

    Life is like a raging river and faith are like stepping stones. What is amazing is like a good Father God is to each of us take us by the hand and tells us “I know its will hurt son/daughter but you must trust Me if you take this first step you will begin to grow”.

    Isn’t God is good?

  5. well i doubt our founding fathers would be ashamed lol. most of them were athiest and deist, and and in god we trust wasnt added til 1957. and zig ziglar is a great man and i love his stuff as far as this its kinda funny for ziglar to say this because the richest men in the world are athiest and i can promise you bill gates has saved more people that old boy zig has.

  6. even supposing you are right, how would we grow if we never believed in anything past what “knowledge” and “experience” teaching us? we have no room to expand… if we only go on what we already know… and seeing as how we only know maybe .0002 % of all the knowledge that will ever be it is possible that Faith, God, and alot of other things are in the remaining % that we have now idea of..


  8. We will miss you Mr. Zigler. Thanks for all your inspiration Gods way of doing things.

  9. He will, all you need to do is surrender yourself to the feet of god and pray with heart. Sing his greatness and thus your prayers will be answered which indeed ignites faith and thereafter increasing it thousand fold. Amen. God Bless you.

  10. i agree , God MADE US FOR A PURPOSE, thanks, for this nice video

  11. So much wisdom Zig was always a positive influencer to me. I was waiting on Romam 8:28 when the guy asked that question lol. I live by that. Just because things aren’t looking good doesn’t mean that it’s not working out for your good!

  12. I was on a beach in the UK and they had a mammoth vertebrae. What was Gods relationship with such wonderful beasts? Apparently they were before God but that can’t be he made our wonderful universe.

  13. Zig ziglar I’m looking forward to meeting you some time in eternity!!

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