Zig Ziglar Video about Self Discipline

Zig Ziglar Video about Self Discipline

In my opinion, Zig Ziglar is the best motivational speaker anywhere — we will miss him. But his words live on in this post about how we can achieve self discipline.

Watch the life-changing video and let me know if it motivates you to reach your goals through discipline and commitment.

Zig Ziglar Talks about Self Discipline on Video

The online dictionary describes discipline as;

“an activity, exercise, or regimen that develops or improves a skill; training: Sticking to specific and regular mealtimes is excellent discipline for many dieters.”

So you can see why it is a good habit to have and incorporate into your daily life.

Ask yourself why you want something better. And, can discipline help you get there? Try to honestly answer these three questions:

  1. Why do you strive to be successful?
  2. How will you know you are successful when you attain it?
  3. And, how can you change your motivation, self discipline and outlook about success to ensure you get it and feel that inner peace you long for?

Truthfully, this Zig Ziglar self discipline video will touch on most of these areas and hopefully answer some of your questions.

About the Disciplining Ziglar Video:

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  2. Bought and read all his books, listened to most of his tapes in my younger days, Zig, rest in peace you’ve helped me more than you’ll ever know….

  3. I am so grteful to be able to hear the wisdom that Zig freely offers many years after his passing. True wisdom never dies and Legends remain long after they are gone. Rest in peace Sir, you have done your part to help make this world a better place.

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