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  1. Boy, did i need to hear that story! Thanks so much for uploading!

  2. Zig Ziglar: How Are You Doing?

    Air Port Gate Agent: Compared to who?

    Zig Ziglar: Compared to that person who doesnt have a job of any kind. Who doesnt have nice warm clothes to wear. Who has no future he can call his own. Who lives in a land where there is no freedom of speech or travel. Who does not know from one day to the next what is going to happen to him

    Zig Ziglar: How are you doing?

    Air Port Gate Agent: Im doing wonderfully well, and thank you so much for reminding me.

  3. Dear Zig Ziglar

    You don’t have to write me back I just wanna let you know you have inspired my life more than you can know. I’m so greatful. Your toungue is truely touched by God. Thanks again. Blesseings . . .

  4. i knew of ZZ..in my quest for persoanl dev. but i had never heard him speak..what a treat..now i understand whu Jim Rohn and Les brown reverence him..hes awesome

  5. I heard Zig In Little Rock in 1975 right before he made the big time. We were in a motel room with about 20 or so people. He had his pump handle on a table and demo ed the old fleas and pump handles routine. I will never forget it. He is the king of motivational and sales speakers. In his prime he had no equal. He is a national treasure.

  6. I’m calling to tell you something that I should have told you a long time ago…
    You know, I think you’re one of the neatest people I’ve ever seen.
    You’re an asset to the community.
    You’re a credit to the profession.
    When I’m around you, I’m always excited.
    I’m always enthused.
    I’m always motivated.
    You know, if I could spend an hour a day with you, I could turn the world upside down.
    I just wanted to tell you that, I look forward to the next time that we get together. I will see you soon.

  7. Zig Ziglar: How are you doing?
    Some who was just beat up by his dad: Compared to who?
    Zig Ziglar: Compared to someone who’s be anally gang raped reapeatedly by the prison guards and his cellmate!
    Some dude: I’m doing awesome, thanks.

    — We can always find someone with both worse and better situations. We just need to have the perspective to know where we are in the spectrum.

  8. I’m just now starting to realize the “oil” that I’ve been hiding under the surface; photographer, poet, writer, designer, Blogger, etc. I think I can start bringing them to the marketplaces now. This video helped me out some.

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