30 thoughts on “Zig Ziglar – See You at the Top

  1. You don’t think Today is a Great Day…try missing one! AMEN… Lol Great message thru out positively

  2. My first mentor! I use to listen to his sales CDs every morning while I was working out.

  3. Great idea to replace doodling with the lines “I CAN…”. I will do this from now on. Thank you for uploading this audio.

  4. From now on my “alarm” clock becomes my “opportunuty” clock. Instead of being alarmed when the clock goes off (O God, it’s morning already!?), I will say “Thank God this clock woke me up so I can pursue all the opportunitues this day holds for me”. It’s all in how you look at it…

  5. Ones mindset must first be changed in order to see the change they want to become.

    Zig, Les, Myles and Other Greats created a platform for change but before them there was the Bible.

    Let no man replace the word of God.

  6. He was my favorite speaker. Greetings from Germany. Thumbs up.

  7. I was gonna criticize ole zig about his teaching. That ain’t gonna do me any good. I ain’t doing good in life but I’m going to apply that I can course for me to get better. Pessimism is my enemy

  8. He still goes on. His son Tom Ziglar is a speaker and wears his father’s Ties all the time.

  9. [completed 13 Dec 2019 ] Noted date of completion for personal use. Zig’s view on life is great. His re-defining the definitions of the words we use is something I’ve done for years – it works wonders on the reality we perceive. The video thumbnail is misleading as this is audio of Zig speaking at an event. It’s also duplicated, starting again around 1:04:00. Last, not sure homosexuality is considered a bad habit as he suggests. All in all, still good words to hear. Thanks for sharing.

  10. How is it working for you?
    As my alarm I have my favorite song although I never have problems getting up early

  11. Thank you πŸ’•πŸ˜Š to whom has placed Zig Ziglar on this platform. That you may receive more than abundance you have visualize to receive within the set time bracket.

  12. Les and myles? Who else should I be listening to. Just found this zig video recently and it’s great πŸ‘

  13. Zig nails it. And what he said in 1974 is just as relevant, if not moreso today!

  14. WOW. FIRST BOOK TO ACTUALLY MAKE ME CRACK UP! I love you zig zglar. thank you!

  15. Man I had him on cassette up till last year when I got flooded out. Never get tired of his energy and professionalism.

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