Zig Ziglar – Prime the Pump

How to use affirmations for happiness

Zig Ziglar explains success in life using the analogy of a water pump. You must prime the pump before you start getting water. In other words, you must put something in, before you get something out.

This video is from his Ziglar Inspire Podcast which I highly recommend you visit. Go here for more info.

21 thoughts on “Zig Ziglar – Prime the Pump

  1. Regardless of Zig’s religion, you cannot deny the truth in what he says. I don’t care if he worships a dead housecat behind his house, the man knows success, that’s why he’s speaking and people who make dumb comments are not.

  2. For over 30 years Zig has had a positive impact on my professional and personal life!

  3. I’m amazed at all of the dumb comments from people who don’t know how great Zig Ziglar was, and how many lives he changed. What an amazing man he was! He was the ultimate motivational speaker and a great human being!

  4. The Prime the Pump audio kept me in the entrepreneurial game my first 3 years, until I could develop the proper mindsets. Zig changed everything for a young snot nose 20 yr. old kid, I will forever be thankful!

  5. In the mid 80’s I was working at radio shack and one day my district manager brian markman came to me with a list of salespeople in all of his stores,and there was my name at the very bottom. Brian said “Melvin look at where you are I’m going to have to fire you” I was ashamed at the thought of being fired,so I went and brought secrets of closing the sale by zig ziglar. My sales climbed rapidly and soon I was generating almost $100.00 an hour in sales. I wish that I could thank zig ziglar in person for writing a book that changed my life and made me a student of sales for the rest of my life!!!

  6. “Reward me now and I’ll produce later is not reasonable!” Ziglar repeatedly says. I disagree. “Being productive” is a relative term and what constitutes as productivity to one person might not constitute it to another. “Reward” is also a relative term. If one is asking for a salary of a living wage, is that a reward or a necessity? All of his story-examples are true, but despite his enthusiasm, the examples do not support any rule.

    Sometimes doing nothing is more productive than doing “work”.

    He then makes a claim that “anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you can learn to do it well”, is more ridiculous. Almost everything in the world that an individual would “consider worth doing” the individual would try to do their best at. I mean, I can see how he means for the quote to come across, but isn’t he just saying “Don’t be scared to practice!” Yet he says it as if it is something incredibly insightful.

    3:40 “The reality of this folks – and I am totally convinced – this is the story of America, this is your story, this is the story of success, this is the story of life.”
    Sorry Ziglar, this story you are telling is just another story. America is not successful and, it is partly because the baby boomer generation that took your advice were a major contributor into -pumping- the economy away with your blinding enthusiasm and southern-preaching style of speech.

    I worry about how much intellectual destruction he has caused and am hesitant to watch any other talks of his because of how stress it will give me.

  7. I love this story and I have listen to it so many time. Only found zig 4 years ago but I believe it is worth wild. Wish I could have met him in person. I hope he at the top in Heaven.

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