Zig Ziglar How to Create Your Own Future and Get What You Want Motivation

How to use affirmations for happiness

25 thoughts on “Zig Ziglar How to Create Your Own Future and Get What You Want Motivation

  1. I used to listen to asmr…. But honestly I need more of this before I fall asleep. Let this sink in. Dream and then live it.

  2. We are often distracted by the wrong things (ie. The music in the background). When you Begin to operate on another frequency, little things “like the music in the background” won’t distract or deter you. The music is used to assist you in retaining the information. Great message; Great music; Keep ‘em coming!

  3. this outstanding man of truth and wisdom will continue to inspire me to become what i am meant to be and fulfill my purpose in life. to serve and to provide this world with love, value and education. to make gigantic waves of positive energetic infinite energy and impact every single person i come in contact with. my dreams will come to life. i will continue to improve myself every single day for the rest of my life. we are all in this together. together we can change this world for the better.

  4. Always listen to motivation while doing your chores. This speaker is getting me through one of my solar projects

  5. Thank you so much for your important lecture for me that I am again and again for your time and consideration with you because of I am not totally able to make it done because of I am preparing myself on that way that is the only reason for me to get it done a great job from you and I hope you can make it done by other people who are interested in this job opportunity in your own way.
    Thanks again for your help. thanks.

  6. yes Nicole… you are sooooooo right. I dont think i would have listened until the end without the background music.

  7. I love the speech but not the music. If I want to hear music I just go to music channels. I guess everyone just has to skin their own skunk?

  8. Pure classic. Zig is most likely one of the mentors of those we look up to! True pioneer of his time who continues to have a positive impact on so many people.

  9. Don’t listen to the negatives if they could do it better they wouldn’t be listening to your version! I appreciate you great job well done! High performers always have a positive attitude and bring people up not criticize others down!🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  10. I wanted to walk away from the recording, but I could not because I was reminded that I need men like Mr. Zigler to remind me that I can do it.

  11. I am personally a huge fan of Zig Ziglar, I’ve seen him live, read the books, listened to the recordings, etc. But it all starts with Earl Nightengale’s “The Strangest Secret.” Go look that up and listen if you haven’t.

  12. Very powerful message and the music blends in very well for me. I really appreciated. “I want to climb into your mind, I’m going to motivate you” thank you for sharing

  13. Thank you very much..
    For such a great speech given by zig zaglar.

  14. God Bless Zig ! Everytime I listen to you I feel like a little boy listening to the most interesting story in my life , a story that I can turn into reality. Your voice is very soothing , sweet like honey . The tune in this vid is outstanding . Bless You Folks listening to this beautiful and magical person !

  15. The music is designed to insert the message directly into your brain, studies show. Eases it past your prefrontal cortex. Whoever made this did the listeners a favor! Great job.

  16. Amazing speeches…..I love how he sounds, His word is really healing.

  17. Absolutely remarkable, I can understand why he inspired great people like les brown and many more other motivational speakers. Well done man, I’m inspired.

  18. Ziglar was an important person in my life. I sure miss him. I would listen to him everyday.

  19. Amazing I have heard this on repeat on every day 1 hour journey to work and back, so damn soothing to listen to him and for some reason that background music is so calm and pleasant, anyone knows what the background music is?

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