Zig Ziglar – Believe in Yourself

How to use affirmations for happiness

Do you believe in yourself? Do you have self motivation Zig Ziglar motivational speaker offer his advice.

Zig Ziglar was an American author, salesman, and motivational speaker. Zig Ziglar teaches people all over the world the fundamentals of sales and success.

In this video clip, Zig Ziglar uniquely explains the importance of self-esteem, and you can hear how this master communicator was taught to believe in himself.

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Zig Ziglar – Believe in Yourself
Zig Ziglar – Believe in Yourself
Zig Ziglar – Believe in Yourself

27 thoughts on “Zig Ziglar – Believe in Yourself

  1. I never get tired of listening to Zig Ziglar through the good times and hard times helps motivate to keep on pushing forward👍

  2. 5:40 – 6:13
    A) I Create a very specific and detailed goal B) I set a deadline for My goal to be achieved C) I Make a list of all obstacles to achieving my goal D) I Make a list of people, places and things that will help me move toward my goal E) THEN develop a plan of action. How many times have I gone straight to “E” from “A” AND FAILED ! ? ! ?

  3. My encounter with Zig is highly unusual. I received messages for over a year coming from a person claiming to be him. I researched his history, and realized he had passed away in 2012. The messages were just like they were coming from him. The scariest one showed a video with him and a man named Kevin Harrington and they were talking to each other and everyone was liking them. Then I asked him what the light is like out there. After this everything ceased and no one received any message. These messages had come from the most calm and rational person I had ever contacted on facebook. He had found me first, and I had readily accepted his messages, which are mostly gone now (update: now continue to receive new messages, but keep it as secret as possible). RIP Dear Zig.

  4. The respect I can give Zig, is this. Sir you saved my life, and continue to mentor me over and over again. Your voice will always live on R.I.P

  5. For the first time on my life I heard his motivation.💯🎯. I am really excited about listen more and more!!!!

  6. You got to have clear, precise goals.
    A list 5:30

    1. Identify your goals
    2. Set deadlines
    3. …

  7. This audiobook found me in 2008. I’ve been transformed. I can’t tell you how many times I heard it. It’s been years of searching and here it is. Congratulations to all of you. Take the challenge ☀️🤗👑

  8. Amen sister. Zigs books and tapes and cd’s have been a major blessing for me, as well, from Above!🤗🙏

  9. My Name Is Ezra J. Justice, and my Dad as well as myself can’t thank you enough for you just being you. God Bless you Mr. Ziglar & Your Family. Again Infinite Thank You’s, and you are a

  10. My real estate mentor gave me my first zig ziglar tape in 2005 I remember it was bout selling pots and pans to housewife’s but it was sales. I’ll never forget zig ziglar

  11. If they made a movie on this brilliant man, Matthew Mcconaughey would kill it.

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