31 thoughts on “Your Purpose – Motivational Video

  1. Keep up the great videos, they are a pleasure to watch and listen to!

  2. Every time I watch one of your videos, it deeply impacts my outlook. You give people the rare gift of inspiration, and I love your videos so much. Thank you so much.

  3. I would say, as chinese philosophy says; Life is purposeless. so have a blast. Let go, don’t cling. When you do something, do it with all your might. And most importantly, ejnoy, do whatever you can to enjoy yourself. But ones you see that all external things are really are the internal things, and that this is one organism, you’ll come to feeling of tremendous compassion. You see that what you call “Me, Myself” is the Universe. You are nothing other than the Universe. By organism, I mean one connected system (not in the sense of something mechanical) where all is interdependent on each other. Thoughts?

  4. You know, I like to be a wandering generality sometimes. It’s OK. 🙂 
    You make great videos.
    I’m gonna try to make one of these soon….meaningful specific. 🙂

  5. There’s no reason to think you’re built… But the rest is pretty good. You create your own purpose and your own reasons.

  6. Simply awesome! Another impressive, motivating video. Internalizing and sharing it!!

  7. I’m loving this. How did I just find this channel. I gave a workshop on understand our why yesterday with some teens. And they just weren’t absorbing it yet. I get it. They are young still and I can work on my delivery, but I wish I understood the meaning of having a bigger purpose earlier on. When did everyone else discover their purpose?

  8. Love this channel. absolutely great clips and music used , and outstanding editing. These videos are a huge asset for empowering people to reach their potential in life.

  9. @New Future Builder You are still here aren’t you? There is only ever now so you have a choice. No regrets only opportunities, what you focus on will come to you. Build it now with passion. Your words inspired me as I could hear some of those same questions in my own head and realized I am asking the wrong questions to create something new. Thank you

  10. @***** If I have a purpose, then by definition the universe has at least one purpose, for the reasons you gave. As the only self-aware species we know of, it is up to us to give Life purpose, and through us to make the universe meaningful and purposeful.

  11. @New Future Builder Mine changes every few years. As the video says, (paraphrasing) go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you’ll be able to see new paths.

  12. @whitebuffulo Glad I could leave a nugget that could inspire. There is a ton of power in asking ourselves key questions. It opens up the door to growth. And thank you for your inspiring words as well!

  13. @Seven Candles That is very true. Its another thing I stress when teaching. Feeling like our decision is permanent one becomes a moment of paralysis for some people when in reality it is destined to not just change, but mature and grow as they grow.

  14. @***** If life is ‘puposeless’ make whatever purpose you want ! It gives you freedom to live and decide the way you want to contribute. That gives you all the purpose you need.

  15. I had 4 life goals, right now I have 3 goals left.
    I am 14 years old and my expected life age is 72 years old.
    I hope that I can reach and have made all my dreams real. 🙂

  16. This might have become my new favorite video of al time. Thank you so much.

  17. I want to thank you for making this video. I’ve found it a bit by random (maybe destiny) about a year ago. The message on it got me stuck to it for the past year, I use it has my alarm clock, and everyday I woke up to it. And now finally, I’m sure to have found my purpose, I’ve got my “long range goal”, and most of all I more happy than I’ve ever been. I’ve spend hours listening to the the speakers on this video, trying to soak up what they were saying, it pushed me further and further. Most of the times I couldn’t figured out why and how I could/would change, until it ‘clicked’, and all made sense.
    They and you set me up to a new path, because I’m able to “see further”, and because after being tested time after time, I really believe in me, I can. Thank you.

  18. your voice is so inspiring the louder you speak the more powerful speech it seems keep up the good work

  19. Amen Your Purpose – Motivational Video God Is Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3

  20. Tjop you are amazing your helping so many people thanks for taking the time to make these.

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