Will Money Make Me Happy?

Will Money Make Me Happy?

If you are struggling a bit with finances, you may ask; “Will money make me happy?” but you might be surprised at the answer.

As the old quote goes,Money can’t buy happiness.” Or can it?

An Age-Old Question: Will Money Make Me Happy or Should I Even Care?

Having a sufficient amount of money can certainly lower stress, but having an excess of it will not make you more happy than anyone else. Do you think money can buy you happiness or not? Here are a few thoughts to ponder on the subject.

Money Can Buy You a Limited Amount of Happiness

Having enough money to meet your needs and those of your family does bring happiness, according to studies.

Generally, those who live in poverty are less happy than those who have their needs met.

Having enough money to live on and being able to pay your bills will make you feel happier.

Excessive Money Doesn’t Equal Excess Happiness

There is no correlation between money and happiness.

Someone with enough money to buy a large house and several cars will not necessarily have more happiness than someone with exactly what they need.

Financial Success Can Bring Stresses of Its Own – I Have Money but I’m Not Happy

It is common for people to feel stressed when they have money.

No matter how much money you have, you are likely to know how stressful it is to know you need to spend it wisely. In addition, people with ulterior motives are attracted to those who are financially prosperous.

It’s Not About What Comes in But What Leaves Out

The amount of money you make does not assure your happiness as much as what you spend it on.

In addition to knowing where it is being spent on the way out, you should know some principles for using your money that will make you feel more satisfied.

Depending on where you place your money and who receives it, you may gain something from it or not.

Spend on Experiences, Not Things

Even though investing in items that will last seems like a wise move, studies show that we tend to adjust to what we have. Having these items does not guarantee unlimited happiness.

Spending money on experiences that give us lasting memories increases our chances of long-term happiness.

As for me, I love to travel. So, spending money on unique trips brings me more pleasure than getting a new car.

So, be sure to create experiences rather than buy things that will simply fade away over time, whether that means taking a vacation by yourself or with your family, or doing something fun every now and then.

Give it away

Lastly, find a way to donate and share what you have, whether it is to charity, your local church, or a friend in need. This is a way to spend that will bring long-term rewards — for you and others.

In short, money will not make you happy; it can, however, help prevent stress that can diminish the happiness you do have.

These tips are meant to help you achieve the level of happiness you desire, and live a life filled with joy, regardless of how much money you have.

Now, let’s give thanks for what we have. – Bob

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