What Tony Robbins Is Really Like

How to use affirmations for happiness

Business Insider senior strategy reporter Rich Feloni spent four days at Tony Robbins' luxury resort in Fiji during a summit for entrepreneurs. Feloni got a behind-the-scenes look at what Robbins is really like when he's not on stage in front of thousands of people.


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38 thoughts on “What Tony Robbins Is Really Like

  1. Thanks for the journey guys! We get to watch someone enjoy the fruits of doing what they were meant to in life.

  2. I would love to spend an hour with him, Tony Robbins has changed my life twice! Live with passion. It would be my dying death to at least have a coffee with him. His works oriented me when i was 17 and now at almost 32… He has been there in the hardest times. Inspiring. Thank you, it would be great that in any way you get this message.

  3. He’s a great dude. I’m a big fan. I actually got a chance to talk to him for a few minutes and he was ridiculously nice and cool.

  4. He is awesome and an incredible machine too! He remembers people, faces, stories … he is genuinely interested in you when you meet him and he just wants to help you find the better version of yourself. He is the real thing. Everybody who has talked to him, been hugged by him or just simple sat or stood next to him felt that. I don´t care if people envy his money – he worked and still works REALLY hard for it!!! He doesn´t want to let anybody down, so he´s even on stage when he is sick and should be in bed. I owe him so much. I hope Rich Feloni knows how lucky he was to spend so much time with Tony. 😉

  5. Love this dude. So Glad I found him when i was 18 and never looked back. As someone who never made it through college, barely held onto jobs in the real world, I was able to find a way to live a dream filled life through soo many of his teachings. Forever appreciative!

  6. Wow..what a great experience to just spend that kind of time with someone who has so much to offer and insight from his own personal experiences with so many people. Thanks for sharing…

  7. I am 55 and as I started my career at 19 I began listening to Tony’s tapes! Certainly unleash the power within was most powerful. I listened to pretty much all his courses as well attended several in person in those years in my early career. I even attended a one week “fire-walker” instructor workshop to learn further the art of fire-walking from the person who taught Tony. I credit his teachings and inspiration to the success I had in my career. Knowledge helps, but Action is power! 👊🙌🎉

  8. Javier Romero Happy for you man that you found him and he guided you from afar. I know the feeling.

  9. I’ll tell you what hes like, hes like the rest of us, wakes up in moods, not always happy, but he has mastered changing his state, and living in gratitude. That’s a lesson for us all

  10. Tony Robbins turned my life completely around, and his teachings stay with you. Thanks to his influence, I dropped my 9-to-5 in June of 2012 and have worked from the comfort of home since then. Thanks Tony!

  11. Obviously what he’s like is a totally awesome, amazing human being. Just went last weekend to his Unleash The Power Within 4 day seminar in London, it was friggin’ amazing!! Very inspiring.

  12. Awesome video, Tony is the real deal and I love that there are people like him out there doing the work that he does. It’s inspired me in so many ways. I’m very grateful for him, his work, and my chance to be a part of it.

  13. He has changed so many lives around the world including mine … Thank you Tony !!!

  14. I honestly feel a sense of happiness everytime I see Tony smile I hope I can meet him one day.

  15. He’s wonderful
    Helped me & still helping in difficult times of the Pandemic. Healthwise & spiritually….thank you Tony!

  16. I too wish I could have the native peasants sing me songs, clean my toilet, and cook me breakfast everyday. What a deity Tony Robbins must be – he’s transcended humanity and lives amongst the gods…

  17. What did you expect? For him to spit in your face and punch you? I am not saying he’a not a good guy. But running into someone and them being nice proves nothing.

  18. wanted to share that I have followed tony for a long time and with out him I probably would have died , I was so depressed and tried to take my life and he helped me see life differently

  19. How can you not love this guy’s energy? He seems like a force for good and positivity.

  20. I just stumbled on to him and he is one great person I’d love to sit and have coffee over a good inspiring chat that be a dream come true ❤️ Tony Robbins he is the real deal ❤️🇱🇷😎❤️🇱🇷

  21. @Nash Nasha Not so. A college diploma is an indication that its holder has the ability to be responsible, meet deadlines, and see short-term and long-term tasks through to completion. It also indicates that they are capable of being dedicated. Further, a graduate degree shows that its holder is highly intelligent and unusually motivated, and that they have mastered a particular area of study. In order to gain entry-level work in many fields, like, for example, education, law, medicine, government, geology, and archeology, a graduate degree is necessary, be it a master’s or a doctorate. People must possess evidence of their education, level of intelligence, and expertise.

  22. @P M No crying here, friend. I am a happy, driven person too busy for bullshit.

  23. Been reading the comments and I agree, he’s the nicest con artist out there

  24. After you’ve lived with emotional mastery some years you really get happy 99% of the time. The only time there’s anything negative are the impulses before you treat them. like anger for a split second before you recognize it and let it go.

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