10 thoughts on “Wayne Dyer — Soulmates Part 1

  1. I’ve often thought this of my 8 year old daughter – she has been my greatest teacher for sure.

  2. Dr Wayne Dyer saved my life when I was very low in my life in 1992 with no jobs and 4 people to support. I met this person in 2000 I was amazed to be in his presence. He is a great teacher and a messenger of God!!!!

  3. There is a whole spectrum of compatibility. While people who hurt me a lot have been great teachers for me, I’ve been in a relationship with one, and I don’t want to do it again, thanks. I seriously doubt Wayne would choose a complete adversary as a mate for himself. That isn’t a peaceful life. Finding a BALANCE of difference and sameness makes sense. Actively seeking out a jerk and marrying them to be some kind of a “doormat martyr” doesn’t.

  4. I couldnt agree more. I just got out of a 2 yr. relationship that drained my energy and self esteem. I dont believe in trading hapiness and balance within myself for the sake of learning to calm me and them. I can learn peace without all the abuse.

  5. I totally agree…I am with what I believe is my soulmate….and compare to my previous crazy relationships…my current relationship is beautiful. Yes, my partner pushes me but it is in a kind gentle way. I feel in a safe place therefore I want to be a better person…

  6. It’s possible that they are just not compatible with you.

  7. OK, I know now, I’m my husband’s Soul-mate. I was always the one who push his buttons, and made him soooo mad.

  8. …”we both eat mushrooms”… :-DDDDDDDD))) so funny, great video!
    Thank U! Peace and Love! 🙂

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