WAYNE DYER Night MEDITATION SLEEP & Reprogram your Mind

WAYNE DYER Night MEDITATION SLEEP & Reprogram your Mind

Enjoy drifting into BEAUTIFUL SLEEP, with the comforting voice of Dr Wayne Dyer reminding you of your TRUE nature & power. Each night, gently reprogram your mind to KNOW who you truly ARE – a Divine Being capable of great altruism, magnificence & JOY.

Dr Wayne Dyer was born to uplift and guide the world towards attaining highest consciousness. We feel privileged therefore to have respectfully brought into being this new sleep meditation, integrating what we feel are the most potent inspirational quotes into a blissful soundtrack. We filmed the video footage here to provide a relaxing candle flicker night-light. We offer you this meditation with sincere and loving intentions for your highest good, and with the greatest respect and love for Dr Wayne Dyer. This being done in correlation with Fair Right Use (see below).

If you want to sleep deeply all night, while reprogramming your subconscious for health, wealth and happiness, and a KNOWING of your innate Divine Nature, here is the Pure Positive Sleep Deeply playlist –

With our POSITIVITY, OPTIMISM & faith in the power of PURE LOVE, we can transform our future into a BEAUTIFUL collective experience – beginning NOW in this moment 🧡

All our thoughts and feelings are constantly manifesting our future reality, so a HIGH, CONFIDENT, coherent VIBRATION will definitely outplay into a happier future for us all on Planet Earth at this time. Thank YOU for being the important part of our positive high consciousness vision at this time – we appreciate you to the moon and back 🧡 If you feel inspired to subscribe and come along with us on our mission to embody more love on this planet, that would be amazing – and welcome! Thank you. Wishing that you, and all beings everywhere, be HAPPY, blessed, loved, prosperous and filled with optimism, LOVE and light.

Hello again friends 🧡 We're Siena & Pranam from Pure Positive, sharing our ideals via our videos here. For this video, we are delighted to take a break from our own content to include a sleep video we created with the words of momentous teacher, Dr Wayne Dyer, with true thanks to his soul. Abundant thanks also, to Stef for his incredible cosmic music – we appreciate you.

👉 This production is ORIGINAL. Please note that this video cannot be found elsewhere in the manner we have filmed, edited & mastered it. It is an original creation by Pure Positive Being, made with sincere and loving intentions for your highest good. Please be assured we have the greatest respect and love for Dr Wayne Dyer, and have respectfully incorporated 5 minutes' worth of his inspirational words into this 1 hr 15 min video, carefully pacing the quotes for your relaxation and sleep wellbeing. All video footage and extra sound effects Copyright © 2021 Dr S & Dr P Paris Pure Positive Being. We do not own the words in this recording.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use, for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

-This video has no negative impact on the original works
-This video is also for helping and teaching purposes, eliciting wellbeing, relaxation and deep sleep.
– It is not transformative in nature, and we have used just 2 and a half minutes' worth of quotes from 2 different lectures, repeated and carefully interwoven throughout the whole video.

We understand that Fair Use is open to interpretation, and if any owner of the words would like the video removed, we will of course do this, and can be contacted via the comments which are checked daily.

👉After recording this sleep meditation and using it ourselves, we are CERTAIN it has the power to subtly change hidden beliefs, giving more confidence to feel secure and happy in our true Divinity.

Please never use this meditation while driving or operating machinery, taking responsibility for your wellbeing at all times.

Pure Positive Being (TM) & Pure Positive (TM) Dr P & Dr S Paris are the sole licensees of the commercial rights of this video footage and Audio-Effect Sounds -but NOT the words. Pure Positive Being obtains all licenses for any music used on this channel where necessary. We can be contacted via the comments.

WARNING: Understand you are responsible for anything that happens to you. If you engage in anything suggested on this channel you agree to do so at your own risk. By voluntarily participating in these activities you assume all risk of liability or injury to yourself & agree to release & discharge this channel & all persons associated from any & all claims.



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  1. Hello friends 🧡 Sending so much love to you today, and hoping you enjoy this new sleep meditation with the words of one of our favourite teachers of all time, Dr Wayne Dyer. We’ve put our hearts into working on producing this recently… carefully & respectfully creating this sleep video. We’ve chosen and blended our favourite, most inspirational words from Dr Wayne Dyer into a cosmic soundtrack to make a deeply comforting and relaxing experience! The words are paced and repeated in a gentle pattern to reinforce – and program our minds overnight with – the wonderful message that WE ARE all in fact Divine Infinite Beings, capable of great magnificence, joy and LOVE in this world today. And…TRULY loving that you’re here with us to enjoy this journey! Thank you 🧡🧡🙏

  2. The Universe just sent me the perfect gift for Christmas 🤍 Wayne Dyer sounds deeply kind, speaking to my soul from across the stars. Thank you for compiling this. Saved for every night

  3. Love when that happens – Universal friendship and benevolence at work!! Sleep beautifully 🧡⚘

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  10. Love Wayne Dyer!! Great video, I love the background too 😍 🙏❤

  11. Always appreciated Wayne Dyer’s contribution so much here, so we were ultra inspired to do this one! So glad you like it ❤ Have a beautiful week my friend! 🙃

  12. Thanks for posting this lovely reminder that we can re-program ourselves and our beliefs. A perfect reminder to listen to as I go to sleep. Maybe I don’t need a ‘plan’ just now, but to rest in trust, and the right things will happen when they are ready. Am I ‘better than I used to be’? Not sure if this is a useful question to ask. When we are presented with unexpected challenges that we may not relish, (you know just what I mean), we sometimes discover we are not who we thought we were! Lots of useful questions here to keep me going for quite a while…Lots of love to you, friends…Lxxxxx

  13. And so much love to you too ❤🙏 Thank you for your inspiring appraisal. I’ve pondered what’s meant by ‘better’ version of oneself too…I get the surface idea of course but agree the underlying nuance. As we are only ever truly in our NOW vibration, we can only do our ‘best’ now, and doing our best in the toughest circumstances does not always equate with being a ‘better’ version of our conglomerate self… I think our ‘journey’ is not a series of linear events – and we don’t ever know who we were ‘then’ anyway – it’s rather a series of NOWs, so all we can ever do is do our best and try to be a pure kind person in each challenge that presents. And you are the exemplar of this for sure ❤❤❤❤❤ 💯🐾

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