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  1. this man is a saint,,,he has helpt me so much I only have good things to say,,,thanx so much

  2. Synchronicity! I love it! I look for it everywhere. Oh,and yes, I laughed my butt off about the strawberry ice cream. What a beautiful man. We are all bless by this prophet of love .

  3. I miss you..when you passed I felt like I lost a dad…thanks for the comfort you give and you voice lives on

  4. I’m sure synchronicity is real. It happens to me almost every day
    Dr. Dyer lives through his immortal teachings. Rest in peace

  5. I have been witness to many wondrous synchronicities. I believe it is a gift from the heavens; from shooting stars to abundance of fruit on my fruit tree to amazing flower blossoms. Nature speaks to us. ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ’•

  6. Love this!๐Ÿ’– I see from the 3rd level consciousness after a year of awakening..I see it this way..no boxes or labels! We are all connected even with the earth and animals!! Every spirit is connected..we are 1st a spirit..then we have human bodies!!

  7. I always wondered for this, it’s very common in my life, even right now as am commenting it has just happened.

  8. What a blessing you were, and still continue to be, to this earth. With all my love and gratitude, namaste.

  9. I miss you, Dr. Dyer! I am so happy YouTube has the vids to connect.
    Your book, “Power of Intention” is most referred and cherished.
    Thank you!!!

  10. synchronicity is happening _constantly_ to everyone. they are not random moments that occur on rare occasions. perceiving synchronicity simply depends on your level of awareness. the only way to increase synchronicity is to increase your level of awareness. to increase your awareness you must increase the moments of joy and excitement. the longer you stay in the state of excitement the more often you perceive synchronicities.

  11. Who’s getting these spiritual jewels dropped on them in 2019!!? We miss you Wayne!!

  12. Thank you my friend Wayne Dyer. This world needed you, I needed you. I’m reconnecting to myself and my wife and feeling things so deeply now. I’m still working through some aspects of physical pain, which is hard, and I feel I’m within grasp of something huge and transformative. This I could not have done alone. Again, thank you.

  13. This video promotes everything that Aristotle, Aquinas and Augustine argued against. Truth is objective, not subjective. 1+1=2. It cannot equal 3. It cannot equal anything else. There are 20 universal constants like PI. They are insanely precise. If they were even slightly different, NOTHING would exist. Good and evil are opposites. God is pure goodness. He despises evil, which is the absence of goodness. Chopra and Dyre are trying to say that there are no facts. There is no good and evil. These differences are illusions. Everything is ONE. Don’t believe it. This philosophy is EVIL. It leads to chaos and social decay.

  14. @Jean Vandorst I hear you I want to say I believe in God,I enjoy church and the foundation it provides for human kind I also choose to believe all things are possible on this earth as long as it’s good because God is good therefore what Wayne dryer has to say in his point of view and so many others like him,I find incredibly comforting his voice has soothed me for years like a father…I lost mine at a very tender age so messages I receive from teachers such as Wayne dryer,depaak chopra,Oprah ect..too many to to name are divine and for me it is truth sent from the universe :)have a fantastic day.

  15. @Neely Sipes
    Gender distinctions are good. Cultural distinctions are good. Moral distinctions are good. Class distinctions (rich/poor) are good. All truth is, fundamentally, a _distinction._ If a=b, then a cannot=c. Chopra and Dyre are trying to deny these distinctions. They believe that these distinctions are evil illusions.

    You should never judge the truth of what somebody is saying based on your emotional response to it. You should use logic (philosophy) to evaluate their claims. Never go to a Church because you “enjoy it”. Go to a church because what they say is logically consistent. Go to a church because what they preach would be acceptable to the great philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates, and the great scientists like Einstein.

    _”I also choose to believe all things are possible on this earth as long as it’s good because God is good.”_

    Your statement that “God is good” presupposes an objective moral law. There are clear physical laws for the universe and clear moral laws for men. It is not enough that you love what is good, you must also _hate_ what is evil. Love and hate work together. To love anything means to hate its opposite.

    *Love desires to see the perfection of the thing that is loved.* To love something means to hate the parts of it that are evil/wrong. The parent who loves his child hates it when the child does something evil to himself or another person or God. He tries to correct that child and rid him of his evil proclivities. Deadbeat parents never correct their children. They “accept them for what they are”. They are indifferent.

    1)The claim that we are divine (Gods) is evil. This was the temptation of Satan to Eve.

    2) The claim that differences are illusions (we are all one) is evil.

    3) Crazy people completely believe in themselves. The man who thinks he’s a chicken will continue to believe it, not matter what you say to him.

    4) Healthy self-doubt is the chief sign of sanity.

    5) Synchronicity (all religions teach the same thing) is evil.

    ย *:)have a fantastic day.*

  16. Very few books have caused in me a total paradigm shift. One of those books was “Your Errorgenous Zones” . Thank you Dr. Dyer for your contribution to my life!

  17. It has been difficult without you in my life Wayne Dyer! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ hope you can hear our prayers

  18. Lets just continue his legacy, 2019 or any year we all need it, we should just do so…

  19. not John Hammond, Jojo , live in Canada, to the comment of IAMKO517

  20. @Jean Vandorst You sound as if you think you know everything as fact. How would you know what God despises? God is pure love! Your take on what Wayne is saying to be that there are no facts. That is nothing but your opinion. It’s your opinion that the philosophy is evil. NOTHING but your opinion. The only thing leading to chaos and social decay right now is the Democratic agenda. That’s MY opinion. That’s as evil as I’ve seen and heard in my entire 52 linear years of my life on this plane. YOU DO NOT get to decide MY truth.

  21. @Tammie Parrish Miller
    “You sound as if you think you know everything as fact”

    Our opinions are our opinions because we believe they are *true.* If we didn’t think they were true they wouldn’t be our opinions.

    “How would you know what God despises? God is pure love!”

    How do YOU know this? You’re contradicting yourself.

    “YOU DO NOT get to decide MY truth.”

    For a subjectivist, you sure like making definitive dogmatic statements. Take the log out of your own eye.

    *True* love desires the perfection of the thing that is loved. Sham love accepts it the way it is. When a man loves his car he spends all day cleaning it and keeping it in perfect order. He cannot stand the slightest scratch on the paint job. A woman who loves her husbands will _hate_ her husbands infidelity. If she doesn’t care she doesn’t love him. If the nature of God is goodness and truth then he, by nature, will despise evil and falsehood.

  22. Love this and to come across this in 2019 makes me understand that what I have gone though lately have been happening like forever!

  23. I always come back to Wayne and his teachings. I love his simplicity and genuine nature, I also have really fallen in love with the Buddhist religion recently but his way of walking as God in the most positive way and being kind to others is something that isn’t easy in today’s world, but I’m working on it. Thank you Wayne, so much.

  24. This man was such a gift.So humble and so genuine,Like listening to God talking to you.

  25. So have I! I went to find where my grandfather was buried (he died before my dad was even born), only to find my wife’s great grandparents were buried just to the left of him 16 inches of space separated them, my grandfather in 1926 her great in 1940,and 1961.
    Then to top it off my mom died in Jan. 22 2009 only to have her mom on Jan 22 2017.
    I love the word synchronicity, it happens ever day, you just have to listen and see from your heart not so much from your brain.

  26. So true! See what I replied to daisy smile the world is miraculous! If you believe it is!!

  27. I must be half asleep. I’ve been watching listening and reading Wayne dyer for a few months now but ive only just realised that he had passed away after having seen one of the comments for this video. Very saddened.

  28. Words of wisdom from a great teacher! Thank you Wayne Dyer, your teachings have profound effects in my life and all who follow your steps! You are missed!

  29. Also let me add to what you so beautifully, perfectly,… shared. A word the infinitely loved, wise, great,… MY SIFU/FATHER/TEACHER, “FATHER OF INSPIRATION” talked about and that is “ENTHUSIASM”.

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