Tony Robbins Warns “The Crash is Coming”

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NEW YORK (FOX 5 NY) – Financial guru Tony Robbins says plan now for what's to come. Things may be looking rosy on Wall Street as of late, but the crash will come.

"We are in a really artificial situation. There is a new high, on average, every month. Feds around the world have been printing money," said Robbins.

In his new book, Unshakeable, he breaks down what to do when things go bad.

"Instead of selling, you want to stay. The stock market is the only thing that goes on sale for 50 percent off and everyone panics. A bear market is the greatest opportunity of your life. In two centuries of American history, a bear market is always followed by a bull market," said Robbins.

Two moves to make when things go south:

1. You have to become an owner not just a consumer. If you own an iPhone, you should own Apple (stock).

2. Understand the power of compounding. Keeping your money in the market will lead to big returns in the long run.

100 percent of proceeds from 'Unshakeable' will go towards Feed America.

"We fed 100 million people last year. In this country, 47 million people go to sleep each night not knowing if they'll get a meal in the morning," said Robbins.

25 thoughts on “Tony Robbins Warns “The Crash is Coming”

  1. It’s amazing how many people slag Tony Robbins for trying to help people better themselves. I took his two day personal improvement course a decade ago in Vancouver BC Canada. I was just coming out of a nasty divorce and was looking for answers and definitely found them in the context of his highly interactive lecture.  Further, I stopped smoking entirely and have done exceedingly well career wise on his sage advice. Is he a financial guru as opposed to a motivational speaker…well everyone re-invents themselves from time-to-time. Nonetheless I have nothing but the highest respect and regard for this man.

  2. wow, everyone is leaving such ignorant comments.

    He’s talking straight up fact. The market is cyclical, it goes up and comes down, and the best time to invest is when it goes down.

    You guys can keep hating on him for giving logical advice all you want and never become anything. The man is just trying to give you solid advice.

    A crash is coming, he’s not saying when, it has nothing to do with your political affiliation but it WILL happen, and that’s the time to invest.

    Keep on hating people, and watch the people that aren’t ignorant take the advice and make a ton of money.

  3. When did Tony Robins become a financial guru? He’s been giving people motivational speeches for decades, now he’s a financial expert 😳

  4. Tony Robbins energy levels always get me. He seems like he produces natural ecstasy

  5. I just finished reading his book Unshakeable and it’s actually a great read. Simple and sound advice. I’m not a novice when it comes to finance, and while the first few chapters were common knowledge to me there is definitely really good advice and tips especially on psychology and the wealth of life beyond just money. If you can’t pull out a few great points from the book and apply it to your life then your a schmuck.

  6. He actually knows what he is talking about. I work at a hedge fund and did similar analyses that he mentioned about missing the 20 best trading days. The people that he interviews for financial advice and books are some of the most successful business people in the world. All the profits from the book are going to charity to help feed those in need. He is for real.

  7. I love Tony Robbins. He has spent a lifetime inspiring others to see their potential and increase their health and happiness in life.

  8. That’s wonderful the profits are going to feed people in our own country! NICE! ❤️👏🏼😃

  9. All the proceeds going to feed people in need. Thank you Tony Robbins!!!

  10. “A good economy is one your prepared for. The best way to get beyond scarcity, is to start beyond it”. Tony Robbins

  11. I love Anthony Robbins. He is my role model. More power to you Mr. Robbins & God bless you more for helping & feeding our poor citizens. Thanks for posting this awesome vid.🙏🏽👍🏽

  12. For the life of me i can’t see why anyone would have a single problem with one word that this man spoke, from my vantage point he was spot on.

  13. The fact that Robbins is donating all the proceeds from the book to feed people…that’s honorable and respectable. Good to see him giving back and an excellent role model…practicing what he preaches

  14. Tony Robbins is a master at taking a bad question and turning it around to his mantra. He is a brilliant conversationalist, and he knows how to stay neutral and to his audience.

  15. Haven’t followed Mr Robbins for years. Happy to see him still lifting people up. I knew I admired him for a reason.

  16. What a wonderful man!!  you are truly such a good person so much empathy !! that”s why you have been so blessed
     Wish more people were like you in this world.

  17. If everybody followed the advise to buy in a bear market, there wouldn’t be a bear market

  18. That’s the first time I’ve sat and listened to him at any length and I must say, I was really impressed.

  19. For real though. Tony is my hero for what he’s doing with the proceeds. Great piece!

  20. @god is a Sciopath what would Tony Robbins have to do that you would perceive him as a “good person”?

  21. @jazeboy69 what would he have to do, to teach them how to fish?
    Write a book about how money works and give tips about investing … Wait a second. Wait a second. He did that!

    Seriously what does he have to do? Cause to me it seems like you just want to hate on him. What would you do in his position so other people learn ” how to fish”?

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