48 thoughts on “Tony Robbins saves mans life with powerful message.

  1. “You smile like that too much, you’ll wanna stick around”

    This alone will lead to profound revelations.

  2. This is pure amazing
    First he made him smile and relax then he spoke to him rationally and calmly
    Great job 👌

  3. the look in his eyes is so genuine. you know when you can just tell when someone actually cares.

  4. “Dont you be smiling like that”
    *touch’s cheek*

  5. When I was in my time of need this clip popped up and it really helped me understand that time was really all I needed to give myself and sure enough I’m in a better place mentally. No more dark abyss that I used to stare into wishing I had the courage to take that jump, but i needed the courage to be strong for myself and see things in a new light. Always remember that God tests his strongest warriors the hardest because He knows what we can endure. 🙏🙏

  6. You can see the pain in his eyes. Truly. Been there my guy, been there. You gotta sit through the storm to see the rainbow again is what I always say. All love 💪🏼❤️

  7. “You smile like that too much you’ll wanna stick around” that really hit hard

  8. This is exactly what I needed. I feel so lost ngl. Raising my family while trying to understand why mine never wanted me. Starting to see now. There’s hope. Lets not give up men . If your a man reading this, I love you bro.

  9. Tony is such a great guy, whenever I seem him smile it makes my day better.

  10. the fact he went from funny to dead serious is the best thing about this, very well done

  11. Keep smiling like that you’ll wanna stick around…
    The power of making one smile in their darkest moments is truly a gift from a higher power

  12. @Christian Velazquez just wanted to say that you explained that very well. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you.

  13. I can relate to this. Years ago I wanted to end it all, and the more years on the more emotionally numb I became, I enjoyed nothing. But recently as of few weeks ago to a few months ago, everything began to change. I hated who I was becoming and what I could be, so what did I do? Thats right. Change.

    A girl at work recently started working so of course, I wanted to become better for myself and her, something she can be proud of calling “boyfriend” if we ever do get together, if not, that is just unfortunate for me, but I wont give up.

    For anyone out there with the same struggles, just trust me, whatever you can think of to say “I can do this” it will happen. Once you see progress, you will want to stick to it and continue going down that path 🙂

    Do something out of your comfort zone, whether it as small as exercising, drawing, whatever it is you never or usually do, just do it. A single step can turn into a whole march. Once you start, you may never want to stop. Im a little tipsy right now so I may not make sense, but please for everyone out there, just do something, anything, and you will be happy afterwards 🙂

  14. My grandfather just passed away 3 weeks ago and I think that he could solve so many problems if he stayed for a little longer. He got everyone no matter what you liked. He helped me in my darkest and hardest times and seeing this guy being so in tune with the world and everyone around him just reminds me of him.❤️

  15. ​@Anonym Unterwegs it’s a joke. The kid was suicidal, and laughter makes you want to live. In that moment he wasn’t suffering. So he made a joke to say, “keep smiling like that and you’ll want to stick around”. Meaning he clearly wants to have joy, not end his life. He is just struggling. That’s when he explains to him about having time. To show him that his pain will end, and he will find his passion, his happiness.

  16. It’s part of the technique. The topic change, laughter, human contact, eye contact tact, up lifting. Tony is very, very good at engineering emotional changes in people.

  17. I’m so sorry he passed. That’s a tremendous amount of heartbreak.

    I lost my Memaw a couple of years ago and she was like a mother to me.

    The best advice I can give you is to honor him by trying to be like him in the ways you loved. Bring him to life through your actions.

  18. @JorJor812 he loved sports and would always scream at the tv when something happened. I play on the varsity basketball team so in his honor I chose my jersey number as 22 because that was the day he passed

  19. his smile says everything, it’s a very comforting face that tells you “everything will be okay”

  20. My grandfather passed away 2 and a half years ago, and I still deeply miss him. I know your pain and the best thing I can now say to you is to always do the good things he did and taught in that way you’ll feel him closer to you! You have all my support 🙂

  21. This honestly made me get up again, I’m facing both my dad and grandfather being severely ill and living on the edge, i feel like i never got to make them proud wishing i could be perfection, beating myself every single day biting more than i can chew. You really have to sit back and realize that this is life everyone goes through it one way or the other, I’ll try to give myself a break for once thanks to this man

  22. 👊🏼❤️ love you too mukka

  23. Come to Jesus my friend and all will come. Only when you have God in your life will you find true inner peace❤

  24. @Diogo Santos and he literally did make _fun_ of his shoes

  25. Thats the Holy Spirit speaking through him. God told him to make fun of his red shoes as god knew it would let him into his heart. I don’t know his religion but I know what the Holy Spirit acts like. Boldly humble, the type of characteristic that brings a tear to your eye as you walk by and hear that humble voice in the background.

    If you cannot see it, you should check back again after you get closer with the lord. Jesus loves you.

    This is a conversation of two very strong and open minded men. They both are blessings. The world needs more of both of you!

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