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  1. He studied Neville Goddard closely and you hear it coming out in his talks. This man has changed my life.

  2. This message will works only if you allow it and assume it and found inside of you that it’s really true. Imagination is the key of magic, magic is the key of volition, volition is the key of success.

  3. Job 33: 15-16
    “In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on men, as they slumber in bed, Then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction”

  4. Logic will get you from point A to B, but Imagination will take you everywhere!

  5. This is gold, every human being needs to hear this. It’s all about realizing our true potential, which has been forgotten.

  6. It’s only been one day and I feel so good after watching this magnificent video. It Took my mind to a higher level. And it’s OK to let go of people that’s good to know because that had been a hard thing for me but not anymore.I love you all and I love this Flawless Universe and the Universe loves me right back.❤️I was in the dark to long I just knew there was a better way of life.

  7. Of all of the manifestation discussions I’ve heard, I’d say this one nails the most important points most concisely.

  8. Very very powerful message here people! Live life, live long, live good💪💯

  9. Mark 11:24

    “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

  10. Excerpt from my daily affirmation:
    “From the feelings in my heart and mind, I am blessed by, and I am grateful to the Universe that:
    I AM all and complete. I AM enlightened. I AM love. I AM wisdom. I AM understanding. I AM unique. I AM guided by my Higher Mind. I AM a co-creator with the Universe.
    I AM part of The Infinite that expresses itself through me.
    I AM in perfect health, and at One with the Universe, the ALL.”

    I feel that this is not something that would be nice. But it is the attitude, purpose and obligation we have to the Universe, as conscious beings. I suggest that your feelings affect or determine the vibration energy that you project. This is detected by those around you, which, in turn, influences their reactions or feelings toward you.

  11. Wow! this is powerful “ A change of feeling is a change of Destiny”….

  12. The Word of God says “If you believe you have received it without doubting, it shall be done”. Its called FAITH.

  13. It hasn’t been forgotten, the society has been hidden that from us.

  14. @Patrick Miller – Actually, much of this talk borders on direct plagiarism of Neville – as in word for word. He should have mentioned that he got much of this talk, these ideas from Neville. I would have more respect for him.

  15. Another tip for you guys is try to change your identity because the concept here in this video is to train to to feel what you want to be, example you want to be in a relationship the behave and live like u’re in a relationship by loving yourself etc. Also chaging your identity can be done by meditation and changing memories because our identity is always changing to events in our daily life. An example is Whsue “y the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer is because of their subconcious mind that have good memories about being rich in their childhood so it’s safe for the subconcious mind to be rich, but the poor have bad memories about money so for the subconcious mind it’s not safe to be rich.
    So the tip here is try to act like you’re already there and try what’s said in this video is visualizing and feeling what you want beofre sleep or in the day because “like attracts like”. Also meditation is a form of getting to the awarness of the subconcious mind.
    So quick recap:
    -Visualize what you want before sleep, 5 mins before you sleep and during the day.
    -Feel what like you’re already there, during the day and before sleep.
    -Meditation indeed.
    -Trying to get to the state of awarness by Bineural beats.
    -Remember “like attracts like” .
    -Practicing the Nikola Tesla method, 3,6,9, example Writing what you want before sleep 9 times, Thinking about it 6 times and visualizing it 3 times, it’s just a random method u can do more than that.
    If anyone have more tips to share then reply to this comment so we get more knowledge.

  16. Yea but imagination is just made up in a certain beings mind. Like please please dnt think u can erase ur soul and become forever in imagination book. A book made wit Intent by jesus and his 12 discples.

  17. To those who are watching this video seriously, Know that you are in the verge of your destiny

  18. @Mia mia 1987 this is very simple: write down what you wish to achieve, read it aloud, as you read feel what it is like when you have realised what you had wished. Repeating this everyday over again and again, you will notice that circumstances changes according to your deepest wish. Try it….it works…..

  19. 1. You can not force to imagine something that doesn’t match the feeling you have
    2. To be in the moment is most of the time better than to think something to achieve. When you can be in the moment happy than you can be anywhere happy

  20. Reminds me of the saying: Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. 😂.

  21. Thought is the focus an Feeling is the Energy! Feel the Feeling and it manifests into physical form. 🙏🏼

  22. Right words for people that’s why I keep saying that every financial goal requires 💯 patience dedication and consistent spirit knowing that investing is currently the most lucrative business in the world, both NFT, real estate and Crypto shares are really positively changing people’s lives, I know the problems for technology believers will end soon

  23. @Luiz Roberto Salvatori Meira thanks so much will keep in touch

  24. Needs to be much more than just what is said As I have done this over 370 days 3 times a day not just 5 mins a day.
    So why did I lose all I had???
    Gary who???
    What’s his FB page

  25. @Jim Templeton write to his contact info above👆👆 for more information

  26. @Jim Templeton Hello I base here in Singapore please can I Invest with him because of my work don’t have much time to be here reply will get back ?

  27. You can invest from anywhere around the world is juts having a wallet of your own then you can start up Investing

  28. Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

  29. @S A Adams Agreed. I’ve watched Wayne Dyer’s PBS “Specials” and listen to his lectures and he almost WORD FOR WORD lifts entire concepts, techniques and passages from Neville Goddard…without citing or giving credit. Surprised more people didn’t call him out on it?

  30. @Beryl: I’m sure the Jews in Auschwitz were imagining being free.

  31. @Top G Mindset Your comments run contrary to Dr. Wayne Dyer’s teachings.

  32. @Chanda B Your conventional Christian religion dogma runs contrary to the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer.

  33. @martin muhoro  Your conventional Christian religion dogma runs contrary to the teachings of Dr. Wayne Dyer.

  34. @Darren Good comment! Faith WILL work, but “knowing” is more powerful because it’s located in the highest vibrational realm of emotions.

  35. If you don’t see it in your head you’ll never see it in your pocket. Remember everything around you was once an idea

  36. Human perceptions relate to either visual, auditory, olfactory, haptic (touch) or gustatory (taste) perception. In each one of us one of these is, if not without exception, dominant. For example. Asking someone, who is dominantly a feel type person, how he/she sees something is futile as he/she feels things, not see things. Being an engineer by profession, I learnt this the hard way in my early thirties and thankfully in specialised neuroliguistic programming teachings in the late 1970’s already (which teaches one to observe people’s eyes movement when being asked questions to determine there probably dominant natural perseption type and, well, also whether they are highly probably also lying in presponse) and I applied it extremely effectively in practice managing a bunch particulary dominated by feeling types (dominant in the movie making business, even still today) whereas I am a visualiser (I always used whiteboards or visual presentations before that since I naturally dominantly see things and my dominant impulse is to draw pictures of what I see.
    Therefore, this message might only make some sence if you know your dominant perseption type and use only that to ‘imagine’ your desires. Incidently, ‘imagine’ is a concept (word) I dispise lately since it has became a misused term to convey a rather annoying concept by the progressive far left socialist community.
    And then, since desire (greed) is essentially one of the 7 classical sins of man, but also simply using logic, I must unfortunately disapppoint those who read this comment and ‘feel’ enlightended by this video’s garble. Try it, it might make you feel better about yourself, but life is not about your feelings. Life is about understanding reality, not grasping at one’s irrational ‘feelings’. Next time you try this though, imagine you have won the (a) jackpot, and really try to feel or imagine it, then wake up and see if it worked. Disappointed? This doesn’t work. So, rather spend your quite time reading (or listen to) the works of the great philosophers (west and east) and gain real life wisdom. Don’t fall for this nonsense, it’s all ‘new age’ BS.

  37. This is an extremely worldly view. Not sure that’s how this Bible verse is to be applied here? … it’s nearly as bad as ‘live your best life!’ , and will lead to death.
    What one must first do is to REPENT, and turn to Jesus. I can do all things through Christ (not through my imagination)

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