Things You Say – Free Report Embraces the Power of Self Talk

The Things You Say: Stop Beating Yourself Up & Embrace the Power of Positive Self-Talk

It’s time to kick off another year with some positive self-talk to energize! See why the things you say cause an effect upon your way of thinking.

Conversations around us are often not heard. We tune out when we are bored or feel like we’ve heard it all before. By nodding and catching the gist of what they’re saying, we pretend that we know what they’re saying.

When the conversation isn’t important, you may be okay speaking without listening, but when the speaker is important to you or whose opinion matters to you, you should listen.

It is generally true that we don’t always listen to ourselves. We tune out, assuming that everything is the same. Eventually, however, we may stop hearing it.

I looked up the definition of “self-talk” at” and it defined as:

“the act or practice of talking to oneself, either aloud or silently and mentally positive self-talk.”

Okay, Why So Negative in Our Talk?

By talking negatively to ourselves, we hold ourselves back. In addition to preventing us from achieving what we can, it can negatively impact our health if it persists. Alternatively, positive self-talk is what helps us achieve our goals. We need a jolt from it to get us going. Our inspiration enables us to reach our goals.

The book teaches both how to change your self-talk over to a positive one, as well as why we get so negative in the first place.

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Thanks a bunch. I hope this free report will help you take your positive self-talk to the next level of success! – Bob Pardue