The Top Life Habits of The World’s Wisest People | Robin Sharma

The Top Life Habits of The World’s Wisest People | Robin Sharma

In this video I recently shot for you in London, I passionately and deeply share:

—a list of my new favorite books that I encourage you to read quickly for excellent results.

—hard-hitting ideas on the danger of digital distraction and how to get your “analog life” back [before it’s too late].

—the importance of “keeping the sparkle in your eyes” in a world gone numb and reaccessing the awe and wonder you knew so well as a child.

—the “missing link to personal transformation” based on my 4 Interior Empires model that I explain in my latest book The 5AM Club that is revolutionizing the way so many people just like you view their power, potential and mastery.

—the profound insight that a billionaire who recently invited me to his home for coffee shared with me on why great wealth can be a curse. Oh my, it was precious.

—the single best method to discover your life’s greatest mission.

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34 thoughts on “The Top Life Habits of The World’s Wisest People | Robin Sharma

  1. This is a moment of Magic and True – to be blessed to have a Mentor like You!!!

  2. Maintaining of lightness of heart is something I think many, including myself, have struggled with. We get so bogged down by our lives that we don’t give ourselves permission to just enjoy simple moments of pleasure, which is fundamental to our wellbeing. This was fantastic

  3. After reading your 5Am Club, I am absolutely in love with you and your books.
    My life has changed after reading and Practicing The 5Am Club.
    Bless you Robin!!

  4. You are such a magical being 🙌🏻
    So grateful to have you uplift my being Sir

  5. Thank you Robin! So eloquent, such an artist & genius in summarizing the art of living. Helping us expand and find greater joy in being kind/helpful. Hope, love & service 🙏🌼💕
    Titan Summit is exclusive opportunity! Hope can make it 🙂
    The last!! I’m meeting with Davison co. to collaborate on a toy invention. If you help me I would share my royalties for your cause. Mine is for the flag of helping kids in the street around the world & in Canada. I need to secure an exclusive contract with big industry ( it’s never been done):) Davison is ready to do prototype and find toy maker. Maybe worth a try? Might be fun,something different 🙂 All the best! Enjoy London. I would have a London Fog 😉

  6. Love your work, currently on the 5 am journey, day 3 I feel good and I’m greatfull for what your doing. 🙏🏿

  7. Great and inspiring video! May God bless you. Added to these insite and books would be also very importand to look into Bible versus, like the book of proverbs where its full of wisdom about this life and leading to the after life. Having a great and wonderful life on earth is great but having eternal life in heaven is greater, and Jesus can make that happen on top of all the knowledge that we can freely obtain. Thanks again Robin.

  8. Even if I regain sparkle in my eyes…my environment makes me dull again…you are right… environment matters…I would like to be with people who are passionate and happy…just thinking about living in such environment makes me smile ….

  9. “To lead is to be of service and use” Couldn’t agree more!

  10. I love the philosophy you have ! Thank you for existing and sharing positivity to this world! So much respect for you sir♥️ lots of love

  11. Robin,you are a Mastermind, listening you is like seeing Michelangelo paint the Sistine chapel and Beethoven on his piano ready to compose,hats off to you🙏

  12. @Robin Sharma You are a great Mentor and I really love to read your books. Please give me advice on that is it better to have multiple buisnesses or only one big buisness

  13. Robin Sir, I been watching ur life skill teachings n how beautifully u explain every bit to evolve oneself frm good,better n to best.I truly appreciate your magical touch in everyone’s life …who truly one to CHANGE for good.
    But, to my query, how can one manage herself with time ,money ,self- discipline n many more management at every sphere of life n yet stay content, humble n also to help in every possible little way. Your guidance would truly help me in every aspect of my life.
    Thank you so much…for touching many hearts n the minds to evolve. 🙏

  14. Hey Robin….you have changed my life. In the 6 years that I have followed you, I have gone from being a victim living in India to currently pursuing my MBA in DUBLIN at the age of 34 ! I can’t thank you enough. I know my journey has just started but I have never been happier

  15. “Never lose the sparkle in your eyes.” Re-access your inner heroism and rebuild that relationship with your highest self (which is that voice of wisdom or inner hero)
    “Develop Mighty Mission Clarity”. Life is meant to be prosperous. Get really clear on what you want to stand for in the world. Introspect. Ponder in solitude. 
    “Great ones are monomaniacal perfectionists.” 
    What is true wealth? JPY. Joy – Peace – Freedom. Personal mastery. True freedom. Having a great family life. Vitality. The Titan Summit. 
    To lead is to serve. Plant seeds of hope and love and encourage people. A humanitarian is someone who cares about the welfare of the world.

  16. Books recommended
    1. Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki
    2. MOBY Porcelain a memoir
    3. Baltsar Gracian the pocket oracle and art of prudence
    4. The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran
    5. The meditations of Marcus Aurelius

  17. Thank you Robin for take the time in sharing your knowledge and experience in personal mastery. Blessing to you my friend 🙏

  18. Robin, I am 63 year old man from Delhi. For the last few years i am listening to your videos on you tube. I just want to say that you are one of my Best motivational speaker. Your videos are meaning full, interesting and truely motivational. So congratulations and keep the good work doing. Thanks & Regards 💓 Yogesh Bhardwaj 🙏🙏

  19. Thank u Robin Sir,each wird if yours is so inspiring.You are so consistent in your talk,practice and sharing.
    Your words make an impact on hearts and minds!Thanks once again!

  20. Thank you Mr Robin you truly changed my life. You changed how I look at my daily goals. How you made a workout so important. How you showed how little daily things can add up. I love you too and may god bless you and your family. Keep up the great job. You are rare star in this world

  21. Happynest (sorry for english)
    Are in the rain.
    Is in India in Taj Mahal be rain?

    The men who want to live in climb of the mountain forgot abou that truly happinest hide in the style of walking in the climb of mountain.

  22. Thank you for typing this form your soft and loving hand as TYPING INSTRUMENT, head and most important heart. No one like you.

  23. Inspiration, every single time I listen to you. Thank you Robin.

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