20 thoughts on “The Awakened Life — Part 1 — Dr. Wayne Dyer

  1. I love listening to Dr Wayne Dyer. I met him a couple years ago when i went to a seminar in Australia and he was just soooo peaceful. I have never met anyone face to face who was so calm and at peace with himself. I was a blessing.

  2. I love Wayne Dyer and I do believe him. He has such a wonderful energy. Thanks for this video. love and peace.

  3. I love that guy, Ive learned from him for years.. make sure you see his different works, his early career, etc.

  4. Wayne Dyer has been inspiring me for years.This is a great message

  5. OnE can obtain the Enlightenment of the sages. Dyer is among them!

  6. It is interesting to witness the evolution of Wayne’s message… from his early books; Eroneous Zones, Pulling Your Own Strings… to now – very inspiring

  7. there was not one day for me this year without Wayne Dyer (reading, hearing, seeing, thinking); thank You, Namaste

  8. When I found Wayne Dyer I found one of the greatest teachers of my life. He is one of humanities Greatest Thinkers. Thank you for showing me I’m a “spiritual being having an earthly experience.” Thank you Wayne for being there and taking me down the path of enlightenment and awareness. I am with you 100%.

  9. @Shembeatz How wonderful that you are so mature to realize the truths spoken here. You can be the light that shows others to be present.

  10. I agree that there are no coincidences and everday and everyone who comes into our lives can teach what they are here to teach us. We have only to be aware of our thoughts and judgements, and be willing to offer blessings and encouragements to others. Thank you for this video.

  11. i thank you mister wayne dyer, its so comforting to hear the words you are speaking to corralate to whats going on in my mind or has been in my mind pondering and now the truth has been sprinkled over the seeds in my mind which i see this as no coinicidence, i am on the right path still to the unknown..and as my fear drifted away some time ago, I am enthusiastic and love the thrill of opening the door to choas..I am seeing it now as an emotional journey rather than action…….

  12. Thank You for Sharing The Wisdom… I Just Realized The Secret, Which Is Not A Secret Few Minutes Ago! Now, This Video Works Like A Reflection Or Confirmation For The Knowing… I Would Recommend Viewers To Know About Duality Nature Of Light And About The Energy Body Inside Self And All Other Being.

  13. @infowazz Ignoring something isnt going to make it go away and there’s no Truth in that mindset. Thinking positively is the first step IN DOING something about it. There are so many problems in the world,CHOOSE ONE,and positively do all that you can with what you have at hand to fix the problem. Be passionate about it and love the idea of it’s resolution with all your heart,mind and soul. If you have an unwavering positive attitude you will make a difference. Then,on to the next.

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