Starting a Business Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (Entrepreneur Motivation)

Starting a Business Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (Entrepreneur Motivation)

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22 thoughts on “Starting a Business Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (Entrepreneur Motivation)

  1. Couldn’t have said this any better. Lots of challenges and lots of rewards.

  2. It all depends on the business itself and the way you control it . But I’m scared for the heavy taxes coming for small business owners .

  3. Awesome motivational speech while including the realistic sides of starting and running a small business within the speech. The hunger in my stomach to crush it is stronger now than ever! 2021 will be another great year, thanks for what you do for our landscape community Mike!

  4. I wasted 10 years and still IAM wasting time because of fear to fail owning semi’s I have learned now owning lawn care company don’t be afraid to fail get in and go

  5. Love your content mike, please keep doing what you do! Thank you.

  6. Great video, but what I like most is what you’ve done with what God has blessed you with 💪👊

  7. Dog you were on fire you were spitting nothing but the facts I appreciate you for this video the main thing once you get started just execute the plan I like that

  8. Mike thank you for this ! Summit has changed my view on my business and way of thinking . Thank you so much to you and the Augusta Team

  9. Thanks mike very helpful I just started a whatcom county electrical business in November it means a ton to hear this from you thanks

  10. This video is so encouraging… your channel has made a significant impact on how I approach life. Thank you!

  11. Do the thing you should do and you want to do. Just do it!

  12. This is the best video you have ever made…under 10 min., to the point and very insightful and motivational.

  13. Feels like the hardest part is to execute the ideas into reality

  14. Dad of four. The struggle weighs more than your dream, you have to be strong to carry the burdens of business and in the end, you come out with both the strength to over come and the clarity of your success and the fuel to keep.fight forecourt dreams. It’s all attainable. I’m currently wading through that mud….but my legs are getting stronger with every step. Keep pushing. @mikeandes thank you for all your content.

  15. I just started a business 15 months ago and 6 months into it I thought I would have to end it. Long story short, my business is booming due to hard work plus plus self-discipline and I could not be more proud. The analogy you gave of your business being like a child you are raising could not have been better. I feel like I have raised a child from birth to a preteen and I already love showing it off. The future is gonna be so cool!

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