Discover How to Be a Positive Person

Discover How to Be a Positive Person

The “secret” to learning how to be a positive person is clear. But, many miss the mark when they try to achieve it.

Why are there not more positive people in the world. Well, the world is a negative place. But we’ll save that discussion for another time.

Did you know there is a positive person residing within you? It’s true! But, like everything else in life — you have a choice to be either positive or negative.

Which do you want to become?

One of my favorite motivational speakers, Zig Ziglar once said;

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.”

What does this actually mean? Is Zig saying you can become a star basketball player just by thinking about it?

I don’t think so! Every goal needs action.

With that said; Zig Ziglar‘s quote is true.

No, negative thinking doesn’t solve problems. But positive thinking inspires motivation, encouragement, and determination.

My motto is “you can do this” and motivation plus true inspiration will get you there.

It’s often possible to change your circumstances by changing your mindset, no matter what you’re going through.

It’s not a magic formula, because there are bumps in the road we can’t control.

Here are some tips and advice to help you be more positive and productive.

We’re doing way better than we ever imagined, so here are nine quick ways to change your thinking forever.  – Bob Pardue

Get Rid of Negative Thoughts and Learn How to Be a More Positive Person

It’s a psychological fact that positive thinking will help get you through the tough times.

And, at the same time it helps  propel you towards your goals in the good times.

If you suffer from negativity, all hope is not lost! You can begin to cultivate your thoughts by following these simple tips:

Identify Your Negative Thoughts & Feelings

The first step to positivity is to recognize and acknowledge the negative feelings you have about yourself.

No, you can’t just stick your head in the sand and ignore them.

Think about these feelings, write them down and say them out loud.

Make a mental note to catch yourself when you start thinking negative thoughts.

Yes! You Do Win Some Don’t You?

I once heard an old saying which said: “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Bottom line is; Everybody wins a part of the time. No doubt, failure is a big part of success. Just ask people like Thomas Edison (over 1,000 tries at making the light bulb work).

As I said above, write down your negative thoughts — but focus on your wins.

First, take some time to write down a list of your “wins”. These can include:

  • Successes you’ve had in your life,
  • relationships that matter to you,
  • great ideas you’ve come up with at work,
  • helping someone else through tough times,
  • or, anything else you are grateful for.

Then, anytime you catch yourself feeling like you are “losing the battle”, take out your win list to remind yourself that you are a winner.

Want Positive Feedback? Ask a Friend

I can’t stress this enough, we are often our own worst critics. And, you’ll find very few statues erected to honor critics.

Your friends & family members know you. They can help with this project.

Take some time to reach out to people you trust. Then, ask them what they think your strengths are. You might be surprised by what they tell you.

Ignorance – Competence – Confidence

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.” ~ Mark Twain

A study I read on says:

“Scientists and aeronautical engineers swear that bumblebees should not be able to fly. But, since the bumblebees don’t know that, they do so with haughty impunity.”

Competence breeds confidence. When I was a psychology student, I was very shy. So, I did not engage in long conversations with others in my class.

As my studies continued, I found that I was only shy because I did not feel confidence when talking about certain subjects.

Once I learned more about a subject, I had no problem talking to others about it.

Do you see where I’m heading with this?

If you are lacking self-confidence, one of the best things you can do is commit to lifelong learning about things you are interested in.

And the good news is, the more you know about a subject, the more confident you will become in your abilities.

Now That You Now Know Your Strengths – Focus on Them!

You discovered above how to find your strengths to be a more positive person. You know you have them.

So, stop beating yourself up over what you don’t have. Instead of worrying about the things you can’t do well, focus on the things in which you excel.

When you take this direction, your confidence levels soar! And, you move on to learn other things to propel you even further in life!

Your Success Level Doesn’t Depend Upon Competition With Others

Are you ready to feel really inadequate? Just try to outdo someone who is an expert in the area you want to work in.

In fact, one of the worst things you can do is compare your circumstances to other people.

First of all, you are not in a race so you don’t have to compete with anyone.

And secondly, you have no idea what kind of lives other people actually live.

So, before you begin thinking that other person has it so much better than you, walk a mile in their shoes.

Be your own person. Do your own thinking. Become a better you – not a better “them“.

Take Care of Yourself – No Matter What!

I don’t remember where I read the article as it was long ago. But, it was written by a prisoner of war who was in a camp where many American soldiers lost their lives.

This veteran said that one of the main reasons he lived through the ordeal was, he took care of himself the best he could.

He bathed when possible, kept up with an exercise routine and remained positive when others gave up.

Now, you and I will probably never go through anything as drastic as a prison camp, but we do have days where negativity takes over our lives.

So, when this happens, don’t let that hold you back from taking care of yourself.

Gain Positivity Through Foods You Eat

Commit to eating right and exercising.

Healthy food and exercise sends positive signals to your brain.

If you actively working towards a healthier lifestyle, you will naturally feel better about yourself.

This is an important step so please don’t just skim over it.

“Future Thinking” for a More Confident You

Whatever the mind of man can conceive, and BELIEVE, it can achieve.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Sometimes you just have to fake it, even if you don’t feel confident at that moment.

Take time each morning (or night) to visualize what you would be like with limitless knowledge and self-confidence.

Don’t be afraid to think big either. Imagine yourself with everything you want – including a new confident attitude.

You’ll be amazed at how positive, future thoughts can materialize into real results.

Set a Goal

be a more positive personBe grateful for what you already have while you pursue your goals.” ~ Roy T. Bennett

Okay, you probably were hoping I wouldn’t use the”G” word, weren’t you?

Well, as you browse through this site, you’ll find that I am a very big believer in setting goals.

Just about everything important I’ve accomplished in life came about because I set a goal.

But, you don’t have to treat goals as grueling work — think of them as “vehicles” to get you where you want to go. Here’s why…

The mere act of setting a goal (or a few) can instantly help you feel more confidence.

Even if you doubt your capability to achieve the goal, just having something to work towards will make you feel better about yourself.

And who knows, you might just reach the “BIG” ones!

What’s Next?

This advice for positive thinking is just the beginning. On this positive thinking website, I want to help you dream and reach higher in life than you ever imagined!

Take Action!

Remember, nothing works unless you are willing to make an effort. When changing a lifetime of “stinking thinking“, it takes time.

And, once you move away from the negative lifestyle, and give positive thinking a chance, I believe you will gain a freedom to achieve your dreams — no matter what they are.

But, as I said in the beginning, you can do it! Your positive, more productive life is waiting. You can learn how to be a positive person with a little effort. What are you waiting for?