Positive Affirmations for a Great New Attitude

Positive Affirmations for a Great New Attitude

If you know me, you realize I am a strong believer in positive affirmations and use them in my life. Below, find some tips to help you write your own affirmative statements with ease.

Our subconscious thoughts account for our inspiration and our successes.

It is possible to overcome subconscious negativity with affirmations.

Discover How to Write Positive Affirmations to Change Your Attitude – And Your Life!

You can use affirmations in the following ways.

  • Set aside time to repeat affirmations. Five to ten minutes are all you need.

  • Make your statements short and sweet.

  • Write out your affirmations first, then speak them aloud.

  • Make affirmations a priority. Keep them separate from other activities.

  • As you write or say affirmations, relax.

  • Believe in the words you create.

  • Using the affirmation, create a mental picture.

  • Your affirmative statement should be made in the present tense, not in the future. Say “I am publishing my book this year” instead of “I will publish a book this year” – and visualize it!

Recap – Getting Started with Positive Statements

By stating what you want to be true in your life in the present tense, you tell the universe that the time is now.

Take Away

  • Write out 5 affirmations.
  • Say your 5 affirmations aloud.
  • Say your 5 affirmations to yourself.
  • Do they feel good on you? You may need to adjust them over time and that’s OK.

I hope these affirmations for a positive lifestyle help you become a more upbeat person, looking toward the future. I look forward to seeing you again soon! – Bob