Shell Shaped Shell Station in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Photo of the Shell Shaped Shell Station in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

One of Winston-Salem’s roadside attractions is the Shell Shaped Shell Station.

The iconic building was designed and constructed as the Shell Oil Company’s logo in 1967.

This image shows one of many unusual sights to see in North and South Carolina.

The building is made entirely of red brick and features two gas pumps, a small store, and a service station for automobile repairs.

A Must-See Masterpiece – Shell Shaped Shell Station at Winston-Salem NC Photo by Bob Pardue

Despite being more than 50 years old, the Shell Shaped Shell Station still stands strong.

The serves as a reminder of the importance of corporate branding in the days before the digital age.

Its eye-catching design makes it an immediate draw for those passing by on the highway, while its traditional services keep the locals coming back.

The uniqueness of the Shell Shaped Shell Station has been celebrated in many different ways.

These awards include recognition on the National Register of Historic Places and in several local newspapers.

Architecturally unique, its shape is highly recognizable. Winston-Salem’s history is also reflected in the Shell Station, a testament to corporate branding.

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