OM Meditation – Wayne Dyer -The Evening OMM Meditation for Gratitude

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OM Meditation – Wayne Dyer -The Evening OMM Meditation for Gratitude

In memory of Wayne Dyer – (May 10, 1940 – August 29, 2015). Here is one of Wayne's BEST guided meditations, "The Evening OMM Meditation for Gratitude". I've been doing this meditation EVERY EVENING for OVER 20 years! Enjoy!

33 thoughts on “OM Meditation – Wayne Dyer -The Evening OMM Meditation for Gratitude

  1. Finally. I got this Om meditation here. Thank you Tony-Guy Parker.

  2. Aloha 🙂
    I have this ‘Free download manager’ installed in my PC. I opened the above YouTube video and downloaded it. It worked out very well. I really hope that this’d help you. Namaste.

  3. Thank you Dr Dyer; Q; can this brill meditation be practised early evening say 6.30 to separate the day, and/or before going to sleep.? thank you Tony-Guy 🙂

  4. The positive energy of the doctor is still in our body and soul. Rest in peace

  5. I love and miss you so much. thank you for your service to this planet

  6. Will do this tonight! Just finished thnah meditation powerful stuff! Thank you Wayne Dyer

  7. Ojalá alguien pudiera compartirlo en español seri muy servicial

  8. Thank you so much wow that was lovely great thank You God Blessings Love 💖 Light

  9. Por favor si alguien pudiera traducir la frases de la meditación sería un gran servicio 😍

  10. Thank you thank you thank you… Feeling so much gratitude Dr Wayne Dyer.

  11. Hello I just started doing the morning ahh and evening ohms and my throat feels kind of sore I’m wondering if I am getting sick or is it from this practice? Can anyone tell me???

  12. Angela Try to do it gently and not force it. It can still wear the throat a bit. You also may need to condition yourself and keep at it to see if it gets easier. Maybe some tea with honey can soothe your throat before practice. If none of that works, you can do it mentally.

  13. Wayne,your legacy is eternal.I listen to your CDs every single day.I meditate with you in the morning and in the evening.You have a profound impact on my life and I am sure millions of people have been positively influenced by your wisdom and teachings.I know you are listening and observing- your presence ,though your thoughts and amazing energy,is surrounding me. You thought me of love,kindness,forgiveness and being responsible for everything that is happening in my life.I am sending you LOVE AND GRATITUDE.Thank you,thank you,thank you,Wayne!

  14. He is my best Teacher. I am so thankful for this Tape. Unlimited ❤️

  15. One of the best guided meditations I have ever listened to. I’m so grateful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 🤍✨

  16. Never in my life did I think I would so wholeheartedly love another human being I never met❤️🌟💕🙏✨ thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer. Humanity is on a better timeline because of you. Thank you❤️

  17. So many people need this om meditate- thanks for making it readily available. I’ve used it when it was released many years ago and I advise all people to do Japa daily.

  18. Wow mind blowing meditation I really love God it bring tears to my eyes thank you you tube for this and the person who is doing nd posted really God bless you💚🙏🙏

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