New Habits for the New Year – 7 Micro-Habits to Change Your Year For The Better

New Habits for the New Year – 7 Micro-Habits to Change Your Year For The Better

New Year’s Day is here — or gone! So, to make that resolution really count I want to give you some new habits for the new year to put you on track to success.

Seven New Habits for the New Year to “Micro” Change Your Life for the Better!

Despite our desire to make changes, many of us avoid making them.

This is due to our attempt to introduce multiple significant changes all at once.

The most effective and lasting way to change is to make a few small changes in your habits.

Start making these seven simple micro-habits part of your healthiest and happiest new year yet.

1. Define Your New Year Boundaries

What is the one thing you do consistently that depletes your energy and time?

Perhaps you’ve outgrown a committee or a weekly get-together with friends that you no longer want to be a part of.

This is the time to put yourself first over these non-essentials.

Find a way to escape these energy- and time-consuming activities.

Whenever new opportunities arise, take some time to decide if they will add real value to your life or just waste your time.

And don’t be afraid to say no!

2. Start a Journal for Writing Down Your Best Side

It is important that we acknowledge our accomplishments more often.

Starting a journal is a good way to begin to do so. We can keep a journal and use it as a way of coping with stress and tracking our progress in life.

Seeing how far we’ve come in a single year can make it easy to overlook all the small gains we’ve made.

In a journal, we can look back and dream of where we want to go in the future.

Remember, George Santayana said:

“Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.”

3. Exercise Your Body to Clear Your Mind

Moving our bodies around is helpful for many reasons beyond staying fit.

It’s also about releasing those feel-good hormones that keep us happy and energized.

Check out your schedule and see if 30 minutes of exercise is possible for you.

Once you create this good ritual you’ll wonder how you managed without exercise after a few days.

4. Plan Your Most Important Tasks Daily

Ever get to your desk and wonder where to begin?

Often, we live in survival mode and fail to accomplish the tasks that matter.

Before leaving work for the day, plan your MITs, or Most Important Tasks, for tomorrow.

By knowing what to work on in the morning, you won’t waste time thinking back on what you did yesterday.

5. Indulge More in Interests You Love This Year

How often do you take the time to indulge your interests during the week?

Weekends are often devoted to hobbies.

However, when the time comes, we spend it doing chores or catching up on things we didn’t get done during the week.

It’s time to make a change!

Spend your time doing something you love instead of watching mindless TV or scrolling through social media.

Pick up those watercolors, knit a scarf, or put together a puzzle.

Or, research and find something in your interest area to find your inner creativity & put it to work.

Don’t let your busy schedule prevent you from enjoying that passion you once enjoyed.

Make time for it and watch how much joy you can find in it.

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Conclusion: Stay Positive and Create New Habits This Year!

I hope this post helps you create a positive attitude about making New Year’s resolutions along with new habits to motivate you. It’s not always easy to begin a new life’s chapter but it can be lots of fun! Happy New Year! – Bob