My Secret to How I Win Each Day

My Secret to How I Win Each Day

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29 thoughts on “My Secret to How I Win Each Day

  1. I am overwhelmed with goals or things I need to get done…how do you pick whats most important and how many per month? Thanks for your videos!

  2. Thanks so much brendon,this will really help me to evaluate 2020 and plan for 2021🙏🙏🙏🙏🎀🎀🎀

  3. Amazing n informative. But question is how many task at a time we can go through

  4. Plan your day accordingly the night before. Prioritize and write down everything that needs to be done in order to have an organized and productive day. Eventually through repetition, this simple routine will sink in to your subconscious mind and it’ll become a natural part of your life.

  5. Brendon, I watch all your videos and this one is one of my top ten videos from you. Thank you for your all your guidance and support. Lastly, I ordered my high performance planners for the upcoming year and can’t wait to receive them.

  6. I absolutely agree! Do not let someone’s else’s agenda “rob” you of your planned schedule.

  7. Great video Brendon! I have been planning out my days and I think it’s so true. I am trying to find ways to buy more time for myself, but I find myself getting tired and feeling like I need things like TV or scrolling through media to just relax. How do you decompress or relax when you feel fatigued from the week?

  8. Great video! I love scheduling! Thank you for this powerful content!

  9. Make a list and show it to people you trust. Or post it here.

  10. Great video! Thanks for the tips. We are always working to make our days a little bit easier and more productive.

  11. A day is a small-scale representation of your entire life. If you can master a day, you can master your life.

  12. Do first what will advance you the most in whatever life goal you’d like to have accomplish at the end of your life🙂

  13. Tough question. Because only you know what works for you. So, try a meditation like activity if you’re not into full meditation sessions (painting, coloring, whatever can slow down your thoughts and bring you to the present moment), try ying yoga…. And even better if you can carve a little bit of both into your daily life 🙂👍🏽

  14. I use a lot of your advice throughout my life, but this guidance has been huge lately. I schedule my day quite clearly, hour to hour, and I Tetris in different tasks and activities with work and family time. Then, I step back and ask myself, ‘If someone looked at this schedule, would they be able to identify my values, goals, and priorities?’ If not, what parts are lacking, and where can I block time for them? These questions have helped me to shift each day by a few degrees which adds up to the desired trajectory I want for my life. Thank you!

  15. Love the straight forwardness & bullet point layout. 10-20 min is perfect to take in & work to apply. I needed the pep talk. Thank you!! Ready set go👍🙏🌼🦋

  16. I’m inspired to continue to plan my days. I love the point of working on 1 challenge per month until you master it. How does consistency helps your confidence to improve?

  17. Tony Robbin’s RPM system is a good way to start, at least when it comes to thinking in outcomes, ”chunking” your to-do’s, and prioritizing. Also helps to think about trade-offs between urgency, importance and significance. And differentiate between ”avoid pain” tasks (e.g. do your taxes) and ”towards gain” tasks (e.g. actions that are related to your goals).

  18. Its important to reclaim my day and Life’s agenda! Thank you!

  19. This is so big! This year and especially this month I’ve been working through my “daily dozen” and 3 days ago I decided to wake up an hour earlier than usual to be able to use some more of that time. 1st morning was just to prove to myself that I can do it 😆😆 yesterday I had a clean surface in the kitchen so that I wouldn’t sit down in the couch and slowly but surely I am finding out the most effective use of this hour.

  20. I have a question! Right now I have 12 things I want to get done every day. (Reading, moving, reflecting, planning, fasting, etc) 12 in total but things like checking my financials or cleaning up around the house are not on this list. I’m worried about trying to tackle too much but also worried that some things may be falling behind. Do you have any words of advice or tips to help manage myself and my expectations?

  21. If anyone is curious (or if it would help give a better answer) here’s my list:
    Clear my work messages
    Move (8k steps)
    Fast (16 hour min)
    Connect (meet someone new and get their name)
    Prepare (for tomorrow)
    Post something empowering on social media
    Clean the kitchen (empty sink and wipe counters)

  22. Big thumbs up for the excellent message you hv given in this video……true….CONFIDENCE is in your calender……

    waiting 4 more n more videos like this…

    Sangeetha Masroor, from Muscat

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