Motivational Quotes | Over One Hour of Inspirational Messages with Music

Motivational Quotes | Over One Hour of Inspirational Messages with Music

More than one hour of motivational quotes from dozens of successful people across history. Great as a rolling background video in offices and corporate environments.

Compiled by Energy Professionals.

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50 thoughts on “Motivational Quotes | Over One Hour of Inspirational Messages with Music

  1. “Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.”

  2. Thank you for your contribution. Lovely quote. Very ture! – Jim

  3. I can understand and appreciate your hard work to make a quotes till 1 hour

    It need a lot of courage and patience

  4. Good ideas but don’t watch the entire video. The second half is repeats of the first half, over and over.

  5. Already stoked negative decisions Wich can’t anyone. Thanks

  6. nahi, karne tayar astat, tumchya kade, mich murkh, fakt, tumche msg wachin. Mi pan aata msgche utter denar nahi ok bye good night.

  7. I silently battle anxiety/depression, especially during the CORONA Virus Pandemic. I’ve searched for several distractions or anything that can calm my nerves and I decided to edit and upload life-changing quotes from either books, movies, songs, or my own compositions. Let this channel be your guide and your daily reminder that “ME” & “YOU” are not alone. We are tougher than the hardships or struggles that we are currently facing always remember “THAT’S JUST LIFE”.

  8. I thought of one idc if it’s already been said : “The only reason why you see darkness is because you haven’t opened your eyes” I like it idk

  9. Thanks for the inspiring music and motivational Quotes 🙏✨❤

  10. Thank you I needed this. So inspiring and helpful to calm the inner critic.

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