Mastering the Art of Manifesting || Wishes Fulfilled || Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Mastering the Art of Manifesting || Wishes Fulfilled || Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Mastering the Art of Manifesting! Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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BioEnergy Code Guided Meditation Tracks that help people clear negative blockages so that they can manifest whatever they want into their life. Suitable for people who are interested in Law of Attraction, Personal Development, Spiritual, Meditation, Healing, Chakra, BioEnergy.

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Wishes Fulfilled is designed to take you on a voyage of discovery, wherein you can begin to tap into the amazing manifesting powers that you possess within you and create a life in which all that you imagine for yourself becomes a present fact.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explores, for the first time, the region of your highest self and definitively shows you how you can truly change your concept of yourself, embark upon a God-realized way of living, and fulfill the spiritual truth that with God all things are possible – and “all things” mean that nothing is left out.

By practicing the specific technique of retraining your subconscious mind, you are encouraged to not only place into your imagination what you would like to manifest for yourself, but you are given the specifics for living out your highest calling and staying connected to your source of being. From the lofty perspective of your highest self, you will learn how to train your imagination in a new way. Your wishes – all of them – can indeed be fulfilled!

15 thoughts on “Mastering the Art of Manifesting || Wishes Fulfilled || Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

  1. The whole anti-materialist self’s not being the brain argument is really bad. It is just not valid. And if he wants to speak about theories within quantum physics, well theories are one thing, abstract theories. Our general language, including “I,” describes another: our de facto daily experience the only way we can experience it and operating under the most believable beliefs about it.

    These New Age magical encouragement books mislabeled as metaphysics (and it seems this is one such book) are a misappropriation of an entire sub-branch of philosophy intentionally borrow and pervert good and true philosophical concepts in their service in a feeble and easily seen-through and debunked attempt to justify their own presuppositions as starting points to prove rather than truths to truly discover, which is true philosophy. This is the same as how the Catholic Church and Thomas Aquinas misused Aristotle’s metaphysical concepts to try and prove the strange and not biblically necessary doctrine of transubstantiation because the Church adapted it at the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215, not because he actually just reasoned and happened to come to the idea that it was more likely than not to be true. Some of these ideas would be lovely if true, but we know fully well from our experience, our observation of those dear to us and even those who proclaim these concepts (Ask yourself, for instance, why does Dr. Dispenza not have more hair if he could not just attract it and make his follicles easily grow it? Why is Esther Hicks overweight? Great questions if so easy to change with this “higher self” who “is divine”!) and our reason tell us is simply not so. Would be lovely. But, just because we want it to be so does not make it so, sadly.

  2. Umm because you have to focus energy in what you want and it isn’t easy for many, even masters like Esther. She admits she struggles. We’re human and maybe she’s happy with her “overweight” and him with his lack of hair. Maybe they’re focusing on more important things in life. If you ever tried to manifest and refocus your thinking, etc, you would see it works and it also is not easy day to day.

  3. This is divine timing. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Namaste 🙏🏻💗🌄

  4. I love all your books on audio. I believe what you speak happens. Everything I write down on my manifested day happens . I create my day as it already happens. I was guided to move to Missouri from California. I know that God’s here with me in our home and every step I take.. my brother passesd away 3 weeks ago. I want to see him. Will I. I talked to a tree the other day and asked God to make water come forth to flow into my empty pond. A cavern. I believe it’s going to happen. Thank you so much.

  5. Dr.Wyler, from Portugal, my many thanks for your teachings. I love your soothing voice and also thank the Good Lord for inspiring you so that we can grow in grace and faith. God bless you and your family.

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