Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose with Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Are you living your life as intended? Are you listening to the infinite intelligence within?

In Dr. Dyer’s free video series, he shares profound spiritual lessons he’s discovered in living from that place of infinite intelligence within and how living in the light provides positive changes in our lives. In this powerful video, you’ll learn the biggest regret of the dying as written by Bronnie Ware in The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. Do you wish you had the courage to live the life you know you are destined to live? Dr. Dyer shares two very personal moments that completely changed the course of his life. Both of these moments were occurred because he listened to those inner callings we all have. After listening to the infinite wisdom, his life began to change in profound and positive ways. What he discovered on his journey was we all came here with a purpose, with something greater to accomplish. We are not the physical body we inhabit but are part of the infinite intelligence of all creation. When you summon the courage and heed that inner calling, listen to that infinite intelligence within, that’s when your life begins to have purpose. In Dr. Dyer’s new online video course, Manifest Your Soul's Purpose, you’ll use powerful meditations with readings that will help you understand that the laws of the material world do not apply in the presence of the God realized. The thoughts you think are not just happenstance; they are within you for a reason, for a purpose, for a destiny you are called to fulfill and that is unique to you. You’ll realize the light of who you really are and why you are here. Dr. Dyer and several spiritual teachers including Anita Moorjani, Immaculée Ilibagiza and Scarlet Lewis take you on a remarkable journey where you’ll discover that you are capable of using this divine intelligence to create the life you were destined to live, the power of forgiveness, and recognizing the light within! For more information about Dr. Dyer’s new online video course, click here:

52 thoughts on “Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose with Dr. Wayne Dyer

  1. I forgave my ex who abused me God blessed me for the forgiveness which gave me inner peace. ☺

  2. I keep coming back and listening to the wisdom that flows from his innate being. I feel peaceful.

  3. What a great being! I learned and continue to learn from him. His teachings will live on forever. 😉❤❤

  4. He was and still is “A Conduit from The Divine”. His life and teachings remind me that we are not this body we are in…”we are the invisible divine intelligence within”. Thanks to HayHouse for sharing him with us all! Namaste.

  5. you mean… ” I am not this body, I am these eyes, I am the soul within” – rumi

  6. Dr. Dyer’s spirit lives on! He is still teaching and watching over us all <3

  7. What a cool guy, he explains it all so well…it’s great to see someone so enlightened and yet “normal” the world would be a better place if everyone listened to him (& their inner voice!)

  8. Marc A. yep hay house have done a lot of great work . who will take over this great responsibility

  9. I’ve always hated a lot of people that hurt me when I was a child, now, I’m ready to let go of that hatred. It’s a burden I refuse to carry anymore.

  10. How do you not love this dude…..I’ve read so many of his books he is like my grandfather, he has helped raise me at this point
    Rest In Love Dr Wayne Dyer

  11. Wayne died 4 days before I was meant to meet him so I take great comfort in still listening to his teachings. ..Beautiful Soul

  12. I read I’m ok your ok in the 70s so I know what you mean… He was always my imaginary dad lol…

  13. Yes ! He changed my life. It resulted in me publishing my own book two years ago.

  14. Died? I thought he was still alive! Did he just run out of life, or was he ill?

  15. @E.J. Thomas he was sick he had leukemia I believe it’s been a while now

  16. I had the privilege to meet Dr. Dyer at a Hay House conference. He was such a shining light! He will be very missed.

  17. “You are responsible for your own life”
    “God is inside us”
    “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”
    “We create our own reality”
    And so on, I’m wondering how long it is going to take until people will realise, the creator is within and we are the creator.
    Respecting yourself, you respect the Creator and Its Creation.

  18. Each person that has reached out to others in life, lives on. Wayne’s blessed soul live on in how we follow up on the truthful messages he served us on a silver platter. God bless🌈💞 .. May “you”, searcher of a meaningful quality life, reach out and touch many as well 🙏

  19. “am I gonna live 90 years or am I gonna live 1 year 90 times?” powerful. that just changed my life. RIP🤞🏽

  20. I am blessed to have found the teachings of this man. He’s not telling me anything my heart doesn’t already know. Oh but how wonderful to hear these gentle reminders! Dr. Dyer you are magnificent, glorious, and divine wisdom of God speaking through you.

  21. Thank goodness for all these recordings! I love Wayne Dyer and everyone that has watched this video ❤️. Spread the love below, I hope everyone has a happy and blessed day.

  22. I love that he speaks with such passion! I’m the same exact way regarding my spiritual journey! I just want to help everyone ❤️

  23. @Lois Shipp Life is a journey and takes time to heal the past. It’s not just a decision. It takes time and sometimes old wounds are easily opened again. I don’t think it’s just a case of forgiving. It’s trying to understand why the abuse occurred in the 1st place. If the person is dead it’s hard to get closure so it’s hard to move past the brokenness. But learning to love yourself and your brokenness is helpful and not denying the pain and betrayal. Just accepting that people take advantage and exploit is part of life . Not acceptable but it happens..

  24. 😢Reading this made me tear up because I’ve always been the same position someone who abused me for 7 years mentally and physically it’s okay because I got the strength to walk away and I told him that’s well I forgive him no I’m at peace with the situation and him but I feel good during a long till I find my purpose just wish I wouldn’t have wasted so much time with him but it’s a lesson learned and I get a chance to grow everyday😇

  25. Yeah I also experience my ‘inner voice’ which I never thought I could. My life has changed since I tried to silent my mind and listen to my inner voice. It is something that I can’t explain but it will show us the right way to reach the correct path in our life. We are so lucky to hear those words, those people like him in our life.

  26. You can only forgive yourself not others because there is no others🤗🙏

  27. What a wise soul. Thank You Dr Dyer I got this message on such a deeper level, in terms of My Own Life. May Your Soul Rest In Peace🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  28. Callings are strong. Funny thing I also had my realizations at the age 34 😄. So Grateful to each and every individual who gave me reasons to work on myself. 🙌 Truly grateful to Dr. Wayne and Louise hay. ❤️

  29. Manifest them getting karma. Trust me it works every single time. 💯

  30. I’m at this point rn to be honest abused by my mother molested by my grandmother and abandoned by my family for yrs for speaking bout my molestation. I am ready to let go and allow God to move and take over I’ve been fighting and carrying this load for so long I’m tired.

  31. @Taylor King It’s the worse pain. I understand how you’re feeling. Manifest love by being it to the ones that are in relieving mode. Not takers.

  32. Yes forgiveness is an entrance to a peaceful existence. Like a form of acceptance. That this is what happened. And a more deeper realisation will provide further peace. That a lot of this was part of my karmic journey. What did I learn from these people and situations? And then let it go.,

  33. I need soul repair, I need help to repair my temple to serve more spirits to reach their highest vibrations and become one with father and as I AM serve to bring more to the same constantly. To create peace not war, abundant housing not homeless abundance of food and agriculture, teach the king of earth laws with truth and love. I pray thanks for your help. Namaste

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