Making Bad Decisions in Life – Why Make Bad Choices?

Making Bad Decisions in Life – Why Make Bad Choices?

Did you know that one key to success is through making bad decisions in life? It’s true! So, I’m including this audio about making confident choices to help you realize the potential of making decisions that count. Listen and discover a whole new world of looking at good or bad decisions and why you should consider both.

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Making Bad Decisions in Life – Why Make Bad Choices?

We live in a strange society today. We’re suddenly expected to stop making mistakes when we’re adults.

We worry constantly about making wrong or bad decisions, to the point that we don’t make any.

It’s important to make decisions quickly and confidently.

No Choice at All?

Just Make a Decision eBookWhen we’re worried about making the wrong choice, that’s not possible.

We end up not making a decision at all or going with the safest option.

What’s the best way to get over that fear?

Making bad choices and failing has value. Trying something and failing is the fastest way to learn.

These days, we forget that failures teach us more than successes. So, I like to believe that a good habit to have is to make small decisions quickly and spend a bit more time on the tougher ones. I cover much of this in my book (cover at left), “Just Make a Decision” available over at Amazon Kindle.

Don’t be afraid of making bad decisions in your life and embrace your failures.

I hope you enjoyed this confident choices audio and please take action to apply these principles to your goals. – Bob Pardue