Leader vs Manager: Which One Are You? | Brian Tracy

Leader vs Manager: Which One Are You? | Brian Tracy

The best managers are also leaders. In this video, I will explain the difference between being a leader vs manager and why being a leader is essential if you want to be a good manager.

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00:00 – Intro
01:18 – What Is A Leader?
03:00 – Manager Vs Leader
04:16 – How To Be A Good Leader And Manager
06:41 – FREE Download: SMART Goals Cheat Sheet
06:54 – Question: Which Characteristic Of A Good Leader Or Manager Are You Going To Focus On Improving Over The Next Seven Days?


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Leader vs Manager: Which One Are You?

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54 thoughts on “Leader vs Manager: Which One Are You? | Brian Tracy

  1. We must learn to DIM the mind and brighten our hearts. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is 10x more powerful than Intellectual Intelligence (IQ). What if we lived in a world were the ‘Smartest’ people in the world were actually the dumbest. We’ve been taught to use our brains more than our hearts and we wonder why there’s suffering in the world. This world is reversed. Do the opposite of what ‘they’ tell you to do. The heart is the first organ to grow in the body. Follow your heart and use your intellect as a co-pilot to assist the heart.

    ~Much Love from a Law of Attraction YouTuber💜

  2. Thank you so much for posting!
    Here’s the notes I couldn’t help but to take

    The differences in the characteristics of what makes a leader vs a manager
    And why it’s important to be a good leader if you want to be a good manager

    This is the key to making Yourself extremely valuable and important in your business

    Leader – guides a group or organization to a desired goal, result or higher level

    Leaders are often people in C-level positions
    Like CEOs, Chief Operating Officers, and Chief Financial Officers

    In order to be a great leader, instead of just having the title of one you must sharpen your skills to motivate people, inspire them, to achieve great things and support them in their efforts

    Great leaders find the balance between business, foresight, performance, and character
    They have vision, courage, integrity , humility and focus
    Along with the ability to plan strategically and catalyze cooperation on your team

    A leader’s main focus is on the people they’re working with and how they can get those people to achieve goal for the greater good
    How others feel
    Help others grow and accomplish new things
    Accomplish things together in a positive way
    Think about how the goal can be attained, how others feel, how they can help others grow and accomplish new things, and how they can accomplish a task together in a positive way


    Manager focuses on the completion of the goal
    Leaders focus on how the goal gets done and who’s involved in that process

    Their primary goal is about the project itself
    Managers have people who work for them
    Leaders have people who follow them

    You can be both a manager and a leader

    The best managers are both leaders and have a focus on both the project and the team working on it

    Entrepreneurs and small business owners often have to be skilled in leadership as well as in management

    This way you’re able to give your team or business a competitive advantage

    To be a great leader and manager, you first have to know how to communicate well

    You must first know how to communicate well
    Always take feelings into consideration
    There’s a person behind every project or business
    Make sure that you listen, explain your decision/conclusion/methodology clearly
    Great leaders also know how to admit when they’re wrong and give credit where credit is due
    Don’t be that manager that takes credit for the work of the team because you’re leading that ship to shore

    Another characteristic of a good leader and manager is to stay open and honest

    If something isn’t working, say that!
    If something is working, acknowledge that too

    In order to be successful as a leader and manager, you must embrace teamwork

    There’s others working to get your project accomplished
    The people under you are just as critical in the success as you so help when needed
    Great leaders lead by example
    This is one of the most important of all ↑

    Don’t expect something from others that you wouldn’t do yourself

    As a leader or manager, show your team how to be successful by showing them what you want them to emulate

    With the right mindset, practice and training you can become a great leader and a great manager

    Every great achievement begins with a goal

    Start on improving your leadership and/or management skills now by downloading his free smart goals template

    Brian loves to hear from you!
    Question for today;
    Which characteristic of a good leader or manager are you going to focus on improving over the next 7 days?

    If you want to change your future,
    Take action and take action now


  3. I want to be leader… Thank you so much sir for the wonderful video 🤝🤝🤝

  4. Which characteristic of a good leader or manager are you going to focus on improving? Leave a comment below!

  5. Hi Brian – Love your videos, and Ive seen you talk in person too! The quality I need to work on is time management. I’ve been accused by my manager of being overwhelmed by my work. Not true. I always complete my tasks on time. I’m always prepared for my work. In fact, I ask for more assignments, not less. But it’s the Perception of my being overwhelmed that my manager focuses on. Ugh. He says because I tend to ask the same questions over and over concerning different projects. I just want to make sure I’m doing the assignment properly. Your thoughts?

  6. Leaders do the right things
    Managers do things right

    Managers are technically competent
    Leaders bring four key traits:
    Protection (between the wolves and the sheep)
    Provision (forward sight)
    Proclamation (state new directions)
    Procreate (ideas, new directions, etc.

  7. El gran Brian Tracy, siempre será mi más grande mentor junto a Jim Rhon, Zig Ziglar, Nightingale, Alex Dey, Napoleón Hill 😌🙌

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  21. Solid content on Leadership and Manager roles Brian Tracy.

    I find the leadership role more fulfilling and rewarding. It is more of a big picture thinking, attracting the best hands and guiding them to achieve the overall vision.

    Leaders inspire teams to give their best and that’s where the transformation is. The Impact is phenomenal 😃.

    Please, can you provide more content on this?

    Thank you.

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  32. I am going to focus on compiling the list of goals that our team can work on together and support my team when they need me with their jobs.

  33. Your advice is always so full of wisdom! As an entrepreneur, I think it’s about finding that sweet spot between being both a good manager AND a good leader.

  34. Hello Brian, I just turned 25 and I am working very hard to get into a great grad school.

    Your books are improving my life so much and I just wanted to say thank you.

    Your books have helped me with a lot of things. They’ve helped me overcome many challenges in work. They’ve helped me recover from my first major business venture. They helped me start my second and current business. And they are now helping me with getting into grad school.

    Really thank you, hearing your stories gives me more hope through tough times. And really makes me believe that I can do it and I can make my positive dreams and goals come true

  35. This channel is one of my best sources of learning.
    Thanks a lot Mr. Brian for your great efforts.

  36. Vision. I think I’ve implemented daily goals and how we will arrive at successful but I haven’t done a good job showing where we go after and what the benefits are once we arrive there. These are great thank you for what you do.

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