I overthink everything – Stop Overthinking Your Decisions

I overthink everything – Stop Overthinking Your Decisions

Do you find yourself saying: “I overthink everything” and have a tough time making decisions? You are not alone!

Decision making can be difficult for many of us because we overthink. Before making a decision, we take much longer than is necessary and agonize over each option.

Frustration and lack of motivation leads to procrastination. And procrastination can lead to indefinite delays.

Don’t Say “I Overthink Everything” – Take Control and Make Those Tough Decisions Quicker and Accurately!

Please don’t misunderstand me. It’s fine to weigh your options and take your time to make the right choice. This is particularly true when the decision is extremely significant with far-reaching effects, such as buying a house or deciding where your company should go.

There are times, however, when we take much longer than necessary to make a decision. Overthinking is usually the cause.

You know you’re overthinking when you keep mulling over the same few points in your head without making any progress.

Other times, overthinking causes us to second guess our decision after we thought it was a final choice.

There are a few simple things you can do if you find yourself second guessing your choices – and we all do from time to time.

Slim Down Your Decision Options

Start by narrowing down the options available to you. This is especially helpful when you find yourself spinning around and round without making much progress. This is often caused by the overwhelming amount of choices you have.

Pick your top two or three options, and disregard the rest.

This will make your final decision much easier, and you won’t feel distracted by other things.

Help Curb Overthinking with Time Limits

Giving yourself a limited amount of time is another useful tip.

After considering a decision from all angles for some time, it’s time to put yourself under some pressure. It will force you to make a decision now.

Decide within a minute using a watch, an egg timer, or your phone.

Yes, that’s right. It is possible to make a decision in 60 seconds or less. Try giving yourself five minutes if that sounds too daunting.

I suggest cutting the time to no more than 60 seconds if it doesn’t. Just a few seconds left on a countdown timer can clarify your thinking and help you make the right decision.

Think – Then Commit to Your Decisions

Don’t back down once you have decided what to do, unless there is a very compelling reason to change your mind.

Don’t waste your time agonizing over your decision. Instead, put your energy and time into implementing your decision.

Trust me. It’s a much better use of your time.

Want to Learn More Decision-Making Skills?

Significant decisions are prone to overthinking but there are lots of ways to overcome this issue. I published a book over at Amazon called “Just Make a Decision!” and I believe you’ll find it helpful.

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I hope you found these tips about overthinking everything helpful and will come back often for more success tips and advice. Thank you again and keep moving forward! – Bob