I Had An Idea | Jack Ma Business Motivation | The Alibaba Story

I Had An Idea | Jack Ma Business Motivation | The Alibaba Story

#JackMa #Alibaba #Entrepreneurship

Jack Ma, Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma speaks speaks about the history and future of Alibaba, entrepreneurship, failures, struggles. The summary of the event with 3000 entrepreneurs in Detroit.

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Content From Event
– Gateway 2017, Jack Ma with Charlie Rose.

36 thoughts on “I Had An Idea | Jack Ma Business Motivation | The Alibaba Story

  1. Thank you for sharing your videos! I subscribe and liked your channel 🙂

  2. No business is too small or big to start.
    The problem is to get started today.
    Entrepreneurship starts with small businesses.
    God bless all the entrepreneurs out there.

  3. People that procrastinating starting is the hardest part .most important it’s a investment

  4. Jack ma you are a true insperational to the universe big up to u my leader

  5. he got old, compared to 5 years ago. He lost his powerful energy, because of retirement by the force of government. It’s so sad.

  6. Great video, and speech. Just believe in an idea, and the rest has to fall into place. Also, as a side note, watch this video with captions turned on. Entrepreneur is Ancient Premiere! Too funny!

  7. @エルディ lmao I saw the meeting it was so funny. Elon is by far one of my favorite people to ever live.

  8. Really hoping its just him going under the radar rather than what some of the conspiracy theories are saying

  9. “today is very difficullt, tomorrow is even more difficult. but the day after tomorrow is gonna be beautiful…
    but most people die tommorow evening” xD

  10. People give up too easily these days 🤦‍♀️

  11. @Motivation Vault Well, he has mentioned on one interview with Elon Musk that he does not try things that are too hard for him. If it’s too difficult, he will pay someone to do it for him. I understand he thought of Alibaba, which is a very successful company, but he never really managed itl. He just sat back, relaxed , and enjoyed the income. (Well at least before the mandatory retirement)

  12. I appreciate jack ma because he came from nothing to everything , his life taught to many poor and middle class people that if we want , we can change our way.

  13. Yup! His story is really amazing! How he started talking to tourists and learning English to where he is now

  14. @Johnson Vaughan no man most important is “business Idea”.without that money is just money.

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